What are weight training exercises?

Weight training is a form of strength training in which the force of gravity is used to develop size and strength in muscles.

It is often defined by contrasting it with other types of strength training, such as resistance training. For example, in resistance training the elasticity of various types of fabrics is used to provide the resistance needed for muscles to be solicited whereas in weight training, gravity by way of moving varying levels of mass from up the floor creates the resistance needed for muscles to become engaged.

What are the equipments involved?

There is a wide variety of equipment that one can use to exercise in weight training and they range up from nothing since sit-ups and push-ups use none at all.

Equipments per se can range from the more basic kettlebell, a simple set of dumbbells or a barbell with its accompanying weight plates all the way to highly sophisticated equipment usually found in professional or commercial gyms.

What are recommended safety precautions?

Because weight training exercises require you to move mass (and oftentimes heavy mass) around there are several safety precautions you should take in order to avoid getting injuries.

Generally it is often recommended to warm up before engaging in taxing physical activity. This usually takes the form of light physical exercise before moving on to more serious exercises. Furthermore, personal trainers usually recommend that their customers engage in stretching exercises either before or after exercising in weight training.

Engaging in stretching exercises has the benefit of loosening up the muscles as well as adding flexibility and are recommended in an effort to reduce the risk of injuries.

How to exercise using proper form?

Because weight training involves moving mass around (which can lead to injuries) and because the objective is to strengthen specific muscle groups it is important to use proper form in order to minimize the risk of the former and to be successful in the latter.

You will use proper form if you use the following guidelines:

– You slowly pick up weights from the floor and slowly replace them using contracted muscles (i.e. you don’t drop weights on the floor).

– You perform your motions at a slow pace without using swift movements (i.e. you don’t rush through your reps).

– You try to focus the resistance on the muscles being targeted (i.e. you don’t cheat by using other muscles).