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The Newbie Guide To Riding Electric Dirt Bikes

Is it your first time riding an electric dirt bike? Then, this guide is exactly what you need.

Riding an electric dirt bike may seem hard at first. But if you develop good habits right from the start, you’re on your way to enjoying a smooth ride.

What makes an electric dirt bike different?

On the outside, electric dirt bikes look similar to gas-powered bikes. However, it uses an electric motor and a battery for power generation.

If you’re looking for the best electric dirt bikes for teenagers, they come in different configurations and sizes. The best way to know if it’s electric or gas-powered is to look carefully to see the following telltale characteristics:

  • absence of an exhaust system, which is the most obvious sign that it’s battery-powered
  • no fuel required
  • The gas tank is replaced with carefully designed faring

The Correct Rider Position

You can’t just hop on the dirt bike, sit, then off you go. Sitting comfortably is fine if you’re just going for a short ride on a flat road. But if you’re planning to go off-road, you need to know the correct rider position.

The most crucial part of the proper riding position is to stand up on footpegs. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Lift your but off the seat for a few inches. This lets your body and legs brace for impact as you bounce along the trail. Not standing up when you go over serious bumps can easily hurt your back or spine.
  2. Straighten your back when you stand up slightly on the pegs. You should be in a “defensive” mode like a football player getting ready for play.
  3. Stick out your elbows to make them parallel to the handlebars. This will give you greater power and reaction time when you turn.
  4. Place the ball of your foot on the footpegs (not the heel). Otherwise, you may carelessly ride the brake lightly with your right foot.
  5. Lastly, make sure to push your head forward so that your chin is over the handlebars.

This position won’t be comfortable, but if you see big bumps coming up, make sure you always do the proper rider position. It may look like a small thing, but you’ll soon realize that this position will make it feel impossible to crash.

Expect that it’ll be tiring to maintain this position for long aggressive rides, so feel free to sit down and relax on manageable sections. But remember, be ready to spring up anytime you’ll need extra power and shock absorbance.

How To Start the Bike

Simply turn the key to the “on” position or press the “on” button. Then, you need to:

Decide if you need to use the choke

If it’s warm outside or your bike has been running that day, then you may no longer need to use the choke. But if you’re starting in cold conditions, you’ll have to pull out the choke. The choke is often a switch you flip under the battery, like the one you see on the Yamaha TTR-50E. It’s mostly found as a pull-out on the left side of the bike near to where your leg would be when sitting.

Get into neutral

To get into neutral for an electric dirt bike, sit and reach your left foot forward to the gear shifter. Step on the lever in front of the footbeg repeatedly (6 times) to ensure you’re in neutral.

Now, you can start the engine. On new dirt bikes with an electric start, simply press the button. If you used the choke, make sure to push it back in. It’s nice to leave the bike idle for at least 2 minutes before your ride to warm it up a bit.

Control, Shift, and Brake

For dirt bikes with no clutch, commonly, there are only 3 gears. Repeatedly stepping on the shifter puts you in neutral, then one click up means 1st gear, then 2nd, and 3rd. A good reason why most electric dirt bikes are ideal for beginners is that you don’t have gears and clutch to worry about.


There are two brakes on a dirt bike, and most beginners gravitate toward the right-hand brake. If you still aren’t used to the feel of a hand brake, you’re most likely to pull it like you would on a bicycle. This is dangerous as it may send you flying over the handlebars even at a low speed.

Practice squeezing front brakes gently part way. Don’t press it like you would on a bicycle. Squeezing it fast will press down the front of your bike, which isn’t great if you’re going downhill. On the other hand, using a foot brake controls the back tire, which gives the smoothest stop.

Since the foot brake isn’t as “grabby” as the front brakes, if you’re to stop at full speed, you’d come to a smooth stop. It’s easier to use for beginners as you won’t have to worry about having the electric bike seize up and send you flying off.


Crashing is not as simple as it sounds. Most dirt biking injuries are situated below the waste. So if you don’t want to make the same mistake, don’t stick out your foot when you feel that you will crash.

It’s okay to use your foot for stability, but, keep that foot turned horizontal to your bike. Keep it far away from the footpeg, and if you’re crashing, pull that foot in and set it on the footpeg. It’s not a big deal for the bike to lay onto its side on your leg as long as your foot is in a normal rider position.

Always wear protective gears when riding. This includes a helmet, goggles, gloves, a chest protector, good quality dirt bike boots, elbow and knee guards.

Final Thoughts

For your first rides, everything may still feel a bit awkward. That’s natural since you’re still developing muscle memory. Since it’s your first time riding, don’t take any shortcuts and develop good habits from the beginning and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Selecting a car light – How to select the best one

Light is quite an important requirement for your car since it provides light when required. However, they’re also used to make your car look more striking than before. However, drivers are very specific about how their cars replace original lights with new ones of their choice. The three main car light options are xenon, LED, and halogen. You need to know the differences between these options before you choose the right one for your car. If you see the size as the big feature of the light, you can click here for 9 inch driving lights.

Halogen lights

These types of lights can provide light for a substantial distance. These lights are considered a very popular type since it produces an extremely bright light. Along with that, these lights can last very long, which is another reason for their immense popularity. Though they are good at illuminating the whole road ahead, this type can waste a lot of energy, which may also cause it to heat up, which is its major drawback. Another drawback is, these lights can break easily when you replace them with the new bulbs.  However, these lights are considered the economical choice for the drivers who are quite budget-conscious about their cars.

LED lights

These types of lights are quite popular with many car owners. Although they’re quite small in size, they can be bought in attractive designs. One important feature of these lights is that they consume very little energy. On the other hand, they are fairly costly to buy. These lights would sometimes require installing a cooling system, as these more often tend to heat up. But one thing is confirmed, when you install these lights in your car, your profile image will get higher as these will add more good looks to your car and turn it into a fancier vehicle.


The lights of Xenon provide a quite high level of energy-efficiency. This type of light is more affordable in using compared to halogen and LEDs. But anything could hold against any product which is considered perfect by all means. The same goes for the Xenon. These are one of the brightest lights in competition, and these distract the driver’s vision who come across them. A high frequency of glare at night can create problems for the drivers in front. Even though these lights can last very long, they are a more expensive option than others. Because of Xenon lights’ immense brightness, drivers who drive on dirt or off-road at night prefer installing these lights the most.

The final say

So these are few options in car lights that have to be considered before you buy lights.

As a result of poor vision, the use of HID light bulbs has helped cut down the number of road accidents that usually happen during the night. The number has reduced by a big percentage, which is promising because the HID light provides a perfect vision, helping the driver see the lines clearly and avoid crossing the line.

4 Tips For Updating Old Sofas

When people decide to redo their living spaces, one of the first things they think about is the furniture. An outdated, saggy sofa can bring down the look of an entire room. It may be tempting to throw away the sofa and purchase a new one, but that is not always necessary. As long as the item is still structurally sound and the overall shape is not objectionable, it is possible to make some changes to the existing sofa that will make it look like new.

1. Reupholster

One of the most dramatic changes that can be made is reupholstering the sofa. The color, type and texture of the material can be swapped out for something that better fits the style of the room. Fixing sagging cushions can be done during the re-upholstering process, as the foam or filling can be fixed or replaced while the cushion covers are being worked on.

2. Replace Legs

Furniture legs can take a lot of punishment over the years. They can be nicked, scratched and even chewed on by animals. If the legs are able to be repaired, they can be painted or sanded and finished to look like new, but if they are in bad condition, it may be better to replace them entirely. Adding caster wheels may be a good idea, as it can make the sofa easier to move for cleaning purposes.

3. Paint

Sofas come in all shapes and styles, but many of them have surfaces that are not made of cloth or leather. Any exposed wood or metal can be refinished to match the pattern or color of the reupholstered sofa. Paint can be brushed or sprayed on in almost any color, and there are different textures to choose from as well.

4. Add Pillows

Fresh new pillows can quickly transform the look of a drab sofa. They can be bought at a local store, from an online shop or made by hand. Old pillows that have lost their luster can have stuffing added to perk them up and slipped into a cover for a new look.

Refinishing and reupholstering old furniture can be a fun way to create unique items that fit the style of the home. It can also be a good way to take items that are not part of a matching set and harmonize them together. Anyone who wants to update their sofa should consider all of their options before starting and may want to ask a professional for advice to ensure the best results.

Tips on Finding the Right Used Truck Parts Supplier

Vehicle owners in the United States spend roughly $1,000 a year on maintenance. Properly maintaining your truck is essential if you want to keep it reliable and appealing. Most truck owners look for ways to keep their vehicles in good shape without spending lots of money.

One of the best ways to cut corners when attempting to repair your truck is by investing in used parts. The key to having success with used parts is finding the right supplier to work with. Below are some of the things you should consider before using a particular used truck parts supplier.

Getting a Good Warranty

Most people are surprised to learn just how many companies sell used truck parts. As you start to look at the different suppliers on the market, you need to pay attention to the warranties being offered. While the warranties on used truck parts for sale will not be as long as the ones on new parts, they are good to have.

Ideally, you want to find a supplier that offers a warranty anywhere from 90 days to a year on their used parts. Paying a bit more for used parts with a good warranty is a wise decision.

The Quality of the Parts

Another factor to consider when trying to choose the right supplier is the quality of the used truck parts they carry. The last thing you want to do is invest in low-quality parts that will wear out soon after they are installed. Looking at the reviews a used parts supplier has received in the past can help you figure out whether or not they are the right fit for the job at hand.

Don’t Rush Through This Process

Getting impatient and choosing the first used truck parts supplier you come across is a horrible idea. This is why taking your time is crucial.

How Is a Windshield Replacement Carried Out?

The windshield of a car is not just a piece of glass; It is actually a safety device. Protecting the passengers and the driver from flying debris, dust and the elements, and manufactured out of glass which has been especially made, the windshield helps to also protect the vehicle itself. But despite the strength of a windshield it is still possible for it to become damaged, especially when traveling at a high speed. The smallest of rocks hitting the glass when the car is being driven fast can cause cracks or chips to occur, which have the potential of spreading and escalating into damage which can reduce the strength and integrity of the windshield, having the knock on effect of also reducing the ability of providing protection to the car's occupants.

It is not always necessary to have a complete windshield replacement carried out however, as the very often a simple repair will suffice. This will depend greatly on how much damage there is to the glass as well as the placement of it. If the damage is relatively small and there are no issues or problems being caused to the visibility of the driver then in most cases a windshield repair will be enough. This would usually be carried out by an auto glass technician who will make sure that any air is removed from the church by using special equipment, and then a gel which is quick-setting will be used to fill the chip in. This gel can take up to half an hour to completely dry, but when completed the windshield will be as good as new. As a finishing touch the technician will make sure that the damaged area is polished and that there are no small scratches or imperfections left behind.

When the damage is too much to be repaired a windshield replacement will become necessary, and once again it is normally the case that an auto glass technician will carry out the work. Prior to starting the windshield replacements the technician will make sure that all exterior fittings, such as the windshield wipers and the wing mirrors are removed, and this is to ensure all that they do not get damaged during the replacement process. The technician will also make sure that any vents are sealed so that's debris and dust is not able to enter the engine compartment or the radiator. It is because of all these smaller details being so crucial that the majority of vehicle owners will employ the services of a professional windshield replacement company rather than try to do the work themselves, as it is too easy to make mistakes which can cost more money and time to put right.

Car Repair: Keeping Auto Repair Costs to a Minimum

From a basic oil change to a tire alignment, keeping fluids at the correct levels or replacing filters when needed, it is necessary to do your part in keeping your vehicle running smoothly. However, despite one’s most ardent attention, there are still things that happen that leave you heading to the garage for car repair. Fortunately, though, the savvy vehicle owner will do their part to keep car repair costs to a minimum. If you would like to keep the amount you spend at the auto repair shop low, then here are some steps you will want to take.

    • On a regular basis, replace the spark plugs, as this will allow the air and fuel mixture to burn cleaner and more efficiently.
    • Pay attention to the types of fluids in your car. Yellowish green, pastel blue or fluorescent orange colors often indicate an overheated engine or an anti-freeze leak. Be on the lookout for these fluids and take action sooner, not later. Often these are symptoms of a bad hose, water pump or leaking radiator.
    • Use high quality or synthetic motor oil so you can reduce the amount of deterioration, thus reducing the need for frequent car repair.
    • Make sure that the intake and outtake system is at its best so that gas can easily get in and exhaust gets out. Not only does this help keep car repairs at bay, but it will help your vehicle run smoother as well.
    • Check your oil on a regular basis. When the oil is too low or is dirty then your engine must work harder and can result in more frequent car repairs.
    • When was the last time you replaced your vehicle’s filters? If your filters are dirty, it can increase the amount of fuel you use by as much as 10 percent. Given the cost of gas, this can be a significant amount.
    • Be sure that the tire pressure is correct for your car that the tires are in alignment and that they are not worn too low. Each vehicle is different, so be sure you are familiar with the various needs related to the tires; after all, they are the first line of defense between you and the road.
    • Keep your car’s engine running smoothly by having regular tune-ups and vehicle maintenance checkups. As Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is far better to pay for a tune-up than to replace an engine.
  • Pay attention to any odd smells or sounds. Should you notice anything that seems “off” check it out immediately rather than waiting until a major car repair is necessary.

You don’t have to feel as though every paycheck is destined to pay for yet another car repair. Simply invest some time in preventative maintenance.

Find and Download Factory Wiring Diagrams Online

One of the most difficult automotive repair tasks that a mechanic or repair shop can undertake is the wiring, or rewiring of a car's electrical system. The problem essentially is that every car is different. When trying to remove, replace or repair the wiring in an automobile, having an accurate and detailed wiring diagram is critical to the success of the repair job. Many times, a mechanic is burdened unnecessarily because of incorrect or outdated wiring schematics that are provided by improper sources.

These days, there are several sources that attempt to provide wiring diagrams to the mechanic online. Most times these providers have either incomplete or incorrect diagrams that can potentially cost the shop wasted time, money or even possibly a lawsuit. A botched automotive wiring job is a potentially catastrophic mistake that no ethical repairman wants to make. Using bad wiring diagrams is a sure fire recipe for disaster. Many times these ineffective wiring diagrams are offered free of charge, but the professional mechanic is best served to steer clear of them as they are generally not worth the paper they're printed on.

The best option is always to use a verified and accurate wiring diagram that's provided from a trusted source. A good, established company that has a long track record of providing the most up-to-date wiring diagrams available is not hard to find. In fact, the services that they provide are relatively inexpensive compared to what could happen if a bad schematic is used. Many times, a busy mechanic won't have the time to verify a wiring diagram's accuracy and may possibly move forward on a repair job with the wrong information in hand. This is potentially an extremely expensive and reputation damaging situation and can be avoided by simply putting your trust with a reputable and proven online source for automotive repair information and diagrams.

How to Get Cheap Online Car Insurance, 6 Steps to Guarantee Affordable Auto Quotes

Are you ready, it is time to stop throwing your money away. If you want to know how to get cheap on-line car insurance then take the time to read this article, you will be glad you did.

1. Firstly, before you jump at the cheapest auto insurance quote, make sure you will be covered properly. Often in the event of an accident the insurance company will “quote the fine print ” of why they do not have to pay out. When you buy cheap on line car insurance or if you buy from a broker, take the time to read the fine print. Be honest from the start if you fail to disclose any driving offenses they will have the right not to honor your policy.

2. Shop around, many companies will match the cheapest offer in order to keep your business, shopping for quotes from cheap on line car insurance will give you leverage with your own insurance company. Ask them if they will to match the quote or would they rather lose your business. 9 times out of ten they will prefer to keep your business and they will reduce your auto insurance problem.

3. Your credentials. A clean driving license and no offenses will place you in the low rick category. Most car insurance companies offer ever good deals for “Good Drivers”.

4. The type of car you drive, if you drive a sports car and are in your twenties. Statically your are in a high risk category. Driving a family car, or a less expensive car will give you cheap on-line car insurance quotes.

5. Having an immobilizer, alarm and security devices fitted to your car will reduce the policy.

6. Safety Courses, many cheap car insurance companies offer safety driving course/test. If you choose to do the course and if your do well this will immediately give you an affordable auto insurance quote.

Dubai Automobiles Industry is Making Its Name Across the World With New Cars for Export in Dubai

Germany and UAE trade relations are going finer and tuner day by day. Since the business of oil industry in Middle Eastern countries especially Saudi Arabia have come to be glad about making the most of the "Made in Germany" label on their hardware products, Germans have realized that industry for new cars for export in Dubai and other parts of UAE has the great potential. According to the manager of Exhibition of Dubai Automobiles Michael Dehn, for new cars in Dubai, Germany is interested to offer in sourcing components.

The UAE has been identified as a possible spot for manufacturing cars and in Dubai automobiles industry may flourish in this regard further. UAE may be the next big potential location as identified by the Germans for the manufacturing of automotive components just because of its lower cost. The UAE offers comparatively favorable and supportive energy prices for the businesses who are dealing in cars for exports in Dubai and other companies who are willing to show their interests in moving their business of manufacturing new cars in Dubai and other regions of UAE. Michael also added that it is also a cheaper supplier of raw materials used in manufacturing of new cars in Dubai such as aluminum.

Another favorable and considerable point is the development zones in this region. The UAE consists of seven Emirates including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujeirah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Um Al Quwain and Dubai and for Automobiles many of these zones have facilitated free trade zones where big companies can have their own space and they can operate their businesses without any kind of taxation or local partnership at all.

Links with main automobile markets and logistics systems are already in place. Particularly Dubai Automobiles market is well located with one of the world's largest container ports with name Jebel Ali. Jebel Ali is the port in Dubai that offers all forms of logistics support. According to Dehn, most if not all multi-national automobile companies utilize Jebel Ali Port as a regional distribution center for the Middle East, Africa, and South West region of Asia. The Jebel Ali port in Dubai has been in operation since 25 years and has continuous expansion ever since to a point where it handles over five million TEUs in a year. So with Jebel Ali Port, Dubai plays the role for automobiles market and new cars for export in Dubai is focus of many car manufactures. From Chrysler to Toyota, many other Automobiles manufacturers are involved in the supply of new cars components to multiple Dubai industries.

Dubai is gaining a great popularity for its labor capacity and wealth growth. According to 2004 International Monetary Fund report, with 62.6% Labor Force Participation, Dubai Automobiles market have the largest labor base among all seven Emirates of UAE. Along with this Dubai has the lowest unemployment rate and in the population of 4.5 million people the 20% is the local, while the major portion of labor participation is comprised of expatriates.

Finding Japanese Used Cars Online

The first generation of the Caldina Wagon was unveiled in its native Japan in 1992 and was a five door wagon or commercial van style that was a four door known as the Toyota Corona in Japan. This model had the new independent rear suspension to provide for a smoother ride over rougher roads. The commercial version had a traditional leaf spring suspension design.

In 1997 the next generation of Caldina Wagons was released. These came equipped with a sport package as an option. The GT-T models came with a turbocharged engine that produced a very impressive 256 horsepower, and an all wheel set up. In 2000, Toyota gave the Caldina Wagon a minor redesign in regards to the interior and bumpers.

Toyota introduced the third generation Caldina Wagon in 2002, and it was unveiled as a pure sports wagon. It was unique in all its design features, not sharing any things like the body panels that were shared with the Allion, Premio and the Avensis on previous Caldina versions. When Toyota discontinued the Celica, the Caldina Wagon became one of Toyotas sportiest vehicles.

Finding a used Toyota Cresta could prove somewhat difficult because of the fact that they were primarily sold in their native Japan. Although they were available in other markets and went under the name if he Cressida in the North American market place. Built with all the same high quality standards that you have come to expect with the Toyota name, the Cresta is no exception.

When searching for a used Cresta, it is wise to start by going online where you will have hundreds of different available options right at you finger tips. The over all longevity of the Cresta brand name is what attracts a lot of consumers to them, and especially to the used variety.

It is recommended that any used Cresta that you may be looking into buying be accompanied by all its service and maintenance records. By having a complete history of the vehicle, you will be able to spot any past problems that may end up costing you a fortune in repair bills. Not only should you be aware of past mechanical problems, but also any and all accidents that the Cresta may been involved in. Once a vehicle has been in any type of accident, whether it's a Cresta, Corolla or a Lexus, it should be noted that they tend have many more future problems.

So by going out and doing your homework when looking for that used Cresta, yo will save yourself many headaches and costly future repair bills. If you do locate what appears to be solid used Cresta, most of the time because of Toyotas commitment ot over all quality, you'll realize years of worry free driving.