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A Credit Card For People With Bad Credit – $10,000 Guaranteed Starting Credit Line

The recent financial crunch has caused many would be credit issuers to tighten up on approvals for those consumer applicants with less than perfect credit. Even new credit seekers who do not have poor FICO scores, but also have not had the opportunity to establish a good credit profile as of yet are being turned away and treated as high risk applicants.

The problem for people who fall into either of these categories is that they have a legitimate need to either establish or re-establish their good credit profile and raise their FICO score, however without easy access to credit card approvals their ability to accomplish this necessary task is extremely difficult. Ironically, it’s these same card issuers who would like their applicants to have established solid credit histories who will not approve them in the beginning to help them prove that they are worthy of a new card approval. This vicious credit circle affects over half of the households in American today.

A few companies have recently stepped in to fill the credit needs of this growing consumer segment and offer instant online approval credit cards for people with bad credit or no credit history at all. These credit providers will typically issue new credit cards without a credit check and regardless of the applicants past or present credit history. Some of these cards are issued as major brand logo credit cards, prepaid debit cards, secured credit cards and online catalog shopping cards which allow the card holder to purchase household and gift items from the credit grantors web based store.

One such card offered with no credit check is a new Platinum Card that boasts a huge beginning limit of $10,000 for all of its approved applicants, even those with poor credit or no history at all. As long as the applicant is at least 18 years of age and has a valid U.S. checking or savings account, the applicant will be approved. The Platinum Card also features 0 % interest on any unpaid balance and there is no employment verification required for approval. The card does require a minimal initial membership fee, however once the new member is approved, the card issues each user a whopping $2,500 bonus to use towards unpaid balances in addition to the generous starting limit of $10,000.

For consumers who are having trouble getting approved for a traditional credit card with strict income and employment requirements, this particular card for people with bad credit may be a valuable option to acquire a high limit credit card with no credit checks or employment verification.

Signs and Symptoms of a Cheating Spouse Or Partner

The signs and symptoms of a wayward spouse or partner can be either very subtle and hard to detect, or obvious and brazen.

1. Your Spouse suddenly takes keen interest in new music, whereas he/she has never shown an interest in before.

2. You notice your spouse or significant other making comments about a movie, You know you did not watch together; such as “Yeah, that was awesome” or “That movie sucked big time”, “Oh, I love the part when….”

3. Your man who has a disdain for doing laundry, suddenly loves doing his own laundry- with that said, he also seems to time his laundry duties soon after he arrives home.

4. The classic lipstick on the collar or other parts of his shirt. Pay attention also to unexplained glitter.

5. Another obvious red flag is the smell of another man’s or woman’s cologne or perfume on clothing, or hair.

6. Techniques and styles of sex suddenly become extremely different and foreign to you. I am talking way out of the norm here. You may find yourself in positions you had never done together before, or be asked to do things which was never requested of you before.

7. Sex itself can take unexpected turns regarding frequency. Your wayward spouse may suddenly request more sex than your normal routine, or drastically decline in wanting it at all.

8. Your partner’s mood has changed. You notice that he/she is now easily tempered, quick to snap or may pick fights with you deliberately to justify leaving the house to “Take a drive to think”.

9. You may notice that they suddenly keep their cell phones on silent and strapped to their bodies at all times; whereas before, the phone was kept on ringer and placed securely and easily within reach somewhere within a room in the home.

10. You may notice the cell phone going AWOL altogether. He/she may be locking the cell phone in the car altogether and not bringing it into the home at all.

11. Cell phone bills stop coming to the house altogether. When you look up the bill online, you see a pattern of the same number/ numbers being called.

12. You had access to the cell phone bill online, but the password suddenly has changed.

13. Household duties and chores become neglected. You notice your partner spending more time on the Internet or literally lazing around the couch with no interest with the upkeep of the house. He/ she is in a fog-like state, thinking about the other person.

14. Time spent with family also declines. Interest in weekend activities with yourself and the kids, attendance to children’s sports games, time spent alone with you such as date nights, etc….become greatly diminished.

15. More and more sudden and unexplained “Business Trips” keep popping up on the agenda.

16. You notice your significant other taking a drastic new interest on his or her appearance. You may notice a vast amount of new clothing, new colognes or perfumes, new hair-cuts, new shoes, new and different underwear being purchased.

17. You also may notice a sudden diet and exercise regimen they are on. They also may have taken up a new membership at a health club to get into better shape.

18. You may notice the Internet browser history always being deleted. This is a huge red flag to pay attention to. Anyone that deletes everything from the history, has something to hide.

19. You may in fact be accused yourself for having an affair.

20. You notice your partner talks and talks and talks continuously about a member of the opposite sex. He/she may try to even camouflage this person and claim they are gay and nothing is there to worry about.

21. You notice when you come face to face with your partner’s colleagues, that they become shifty and uneasy in your company, oftentimes with very little to say to you, or offer only nervous rambling.

22. Ditto that with mutual friends. If mutual friends suddenly become uneasy around you, they likely know something is up.

23. Usage of new terms of slang. If your partner suddenly takes keen to a new form of language expressions, whereas he has never said these types of words before, this is a sign and a red flag to pay attention to.

24. Mileage in the car does not match that of which he/she tells you they are driving. If you notice a sudden upward or downward spiral of mileage on the car, there is likely a problem.

25. You suddenly get a vast amount of hang up calls on your home phone; and in conjunction with this, the inbound number may be blocked from the caller’s end.

26. You suddenly are left out of functions, such as work holiday parties, or award dinners; whereas prior to this, spouses or significant others were always welcome.

27. You find yourself suddenly showered with unexplained gifts or offers of spending sprees out of the norm; usually unrelated to holidays, birthdays, etc… “Just Because” gifts are nice and everything, however, if your partner is usually stingy and frugal and suddenly showers you with stunning materialistic items, it may be due to feelings of guilt. You know your partner more than anyone, so if his/her spending habits on you suddenly spike, it may be something to be aware of.

28. Your partner who was once nonchalant about your daily plans and activities, may suddenly make a point to constantly inquire about them. If your partner suddenly wishes to know your detailed plans for any given day, such as time you are leaving the home, places you are going to actually be and a time you are going to return home, he/she may be making sure the coast is clear for his/her own activities.

29. Your spouse who was once a credit card only spender with no cash on-hand, suddenly sports large sums of unaccounted for cash in his/her wallet.

30. Finding condoms in his wallet or in his car, when you have already had your tubes tied or are on the pill.

31. Finding male enhancement pills or viagra in his car or in his briefcase.

32. You notice on the cell phone bill he/she is using a calling card frequently. Using a calling card on a cell phone prevents the cell phone company from logging the actual phone number dialed.

33. You are married, yet find yourself introduced to new people by your significant other (Such as at a party or function) as his “first wife”, or her “first husband”.

34. Your partner, who is not normally manicured “Down There”, suddenly begins to wax or shave.

35. You begin to notice the new habit that your significant other is leaving the wedding ring at home before going to work. This may be blatant and in plain sight, such as in the bathroom; or you may accidentally find the ring hidden somewhere such as a cabinet. After he/she comes home, you notice they put it back on. When confronted with this issue, you likely will receive a lame excuse such as “The ring is too tight, or it impairs me at work”.

36. You notice unaccounted for scratches, hickies or bruises on delicate parts of his/her body, such as the neck, breasts, chest or genital areas.

37. You notice on a group (work-related) signed greeting/holiday card that someone of the opposite sex signs their name with a doodled heart at the end or signs it with “Love”.

38. You find a “Just Because” thank you card from a member of the opposite sex tucked in his/her briefcase, thanking him/ her of the “Special friendship” they have and thanking them for all the “Help or advice” they give; and that they can’t imagine life without them in it.

39. Unaccounted for gift-like items show up in the home such as special cuff links, ties, colognes/perfumes, lingerie/underwear or jewelry that you know you did not give to your spouse.

40. That nagging and unsettling “Gut Feeling” that something is not right becomes constant and distracting to you. Gut feelings are rarely wrong.

41. You and your partner used to enjoy free flowing conversation, whereas now, you find yourself greeted with a mumbled hello at the end of the day, followed by stale and stagnant conversations for the rest of the evening. You notice your partner has lost interest in sharing feelings, dreams, and visions for your future together. You may find yourself literally sitting on the couch together all evening long with very little attention paid to you.

42. You may notice the passenger side of the car always readjusted, which does not fit your normal sitting pattern; or you may find strands of hair that don’t belong to you or your children on the interior of the car.

43. You normally take family vacations together as a family, yet he/she suddenly takes off on one solo.

44. You get slammed with an angry outburst over the most benign and innocent of questions. You begin to walk on eggshells in bewilderment and become afraid to even approach your spouse with inquiries.

45. Your joint bank accounts suddenly have less being deposited into them, or suddenly have vast amounts of withdrawals made; without your mutual consent.

46. You run a Google search with his or her name to discover a MySpace or Facebook account they did not tell you about. In conjunction with this, you run a Google search on known screen names they have utilized in the past and discover them belonging to forums of a sexual nature.

47. Similarly, you run his/her name or email address within a social networking search engine and find him/her belonging to places you were never aware of.

48. You discover a secret Post Office box they have rented out. In conjunction with this, you may notice incoming bills, especially the credit card bills no longer showing up at the home address. Keep in mind also, he/she could also be having bills mailed directly to his or her office in lieu of the home.

49. You were once free to come and go on the home computer only to find that your spouse has set up a password sensitive security system you can no longer access. He/she may make dual accounts on the same PC, but his/her own account may suddenly become inaccessible.

50. You notice he/she has set up a remote desktop location account on the PC and is accessing another computer entirely from your home.

Chemical Vs Laser Fat Removal – What is the Difference?

I often see questions online in which it is asked which is better for fat removal….lipodissolve or Smartlipo? On the surface, this is a bit perplexing because they are rather different methods and concepts for selective body contouring of unwanted fat. But given the exposure that both have had from marketing in the past five years, it is actually not surprising that many are confused and uninformed.

The common thread that ties the two together, besides being used to treat fat, is that they are advertised as not being ‘surgery’ and can be done under local anesthesia or in the office. While this is partially true, this superficial perception covers up some more significant differences.

Lipodissolve is an injectable office treatment that relies on a chemical interaction to break down fat cells. To not cause too much inflammation and tissue necrosis, the required amount of chemical solution can not be put in all at once. As a result, a series of injections is needed spaced about 4 to 6 weeks apart. It will usually take at least 3 injection sessions to begin to see an effect. While an injection sounds more kind to one than actual surgery, the reality is that the injected area will swell considerably (double in size) and will remains so for a week. While this chemical approach to fat reduction does have an effect, my Indianapolis plastic surgery experience has shown that it works only for a fairly small area. (about the size of one’s hand)

Conversely, Smartlipo is actual liposuction surgery. It uses a small laser probe to first heat up and melt fat in the treated area. Once the fat is adequately liquefied, it is then suctioned out. Smartlipo is a single treatment method that causes expected amounts of swelling and some bruising. Because it is a single treatment, it is by definition a more efficient fat removal method. Since the laser probe can go anywhere it is anesthetized and can remove as much fat as one is able, it is also a more effective fat treatment method.

Smartlipo and Lipodissolve are apparently frequently confused. But they should not be. Smartlipo is a far more effective and efficient method of surgical fat removal. Lipodissolve, in my practice, is reserved for very small fat collections in which the patient does not want to undergo any form of surgery or for secondary touch-ups after liposuction surgery. Top avoid surgery, you are sacrificing effectiveness and efficiency.

Looking To Be A Cuckold? How To Find Dominant Women

Are you looking to be a cuckold? Either a cuckold boyfriend or husband? A great many men like yourself have this strong urge to enter a cuckolding relationship. If you read the following paragraphs, I will share with you my tips on how to find a dominant women the easy way.

Avoid these sites…

Most men seeking a “femdom” relationship will begin by getting a dating membership to a cuckolding dating site. Save your time and money. I cannot speak for every site but the vast majority have a bad reputation. Believe it or not, there are vast number of men like yourself. This means sites for it have become hugely expensive. The cheapest membership I can find is $55 each month! And it is not only the prices that should put you off. Once you join these sites you find they have very few members.

Sites to join for free…

For any man looking to be a cuckold I would always – always – advise joining a popular adult dating community. Why? Well, the better of them offer free memberships to new members. That way you can give it a free test-run. See if you like it. Not only that, but these sites have larger populations than most small countries. Some have more than 10 million registered members.

How to find dominant women…

Once you have made your free account on such a service, you will want to know how to find a dominant woman. Easy. Write in the text of your profile that you wish to enter a cuckold relationship. Now, just go to the “people finder” page and put in a search for local women. Begin sending friend requests. Most of the people who see your request will first check your profile. If your profile reads “I want to be in a cuckold relationship, so please only contact me or accept my friend request if you want this too” then you build up a list of local female friends who will consider cuckolding you.

Boating Course – Buying Your First Boat Accessories

Boating can be fun. However, it can also be a nightmare if you don’t have the right accessories with you and your life depends on it. Imagine when you are in the middle of an ocean or a lake, and suddenly your boat stops and you have no idea what is wrong with your boat. What do you do? What’s worse, it is pitch black and you cannot see a thing.

Boat accessories are necessary as it deals with the safety of your boat, your family and friends. Your boat or sailboat can be worth hundreds of thousands but it will not mean a thing if you don’t have the right boating accessories on board. After all, you don’t want to be caught out on the water without the right boat accessories.

When you are looking for boat accessories, you cannot just simply buy everything without deciding what accessories are necessary and what accessories you can do without for the time being. This is because different types of accessories simply depend on the type of boat you have. That means if you are into sailboats, there are sailboat accessories and for canoes, there are canoe accessories.

Not all boat accessories are necessary for you to buy but it will help up the value of your boat if they are included. The best thing to do is be patient, sit down and list out all boating accessories and decide on the ones that are necessary first.

In order to help make your boating experience more safe and fun, you have to know what boat accessories are needed.

Essential Boat Accessories

To know what the most essential boating accessories are, you’d want to think along the lines of safety. Whatever it is, think of safety first. That means it is very important that we have all the right accessories on board at all times. Below are some of the most essential boat accessories that you need before heading out to the oceans, rivers or lakes.

  • Life jackets
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Flares
  • GPS or a compass
  • Throwable rings
  • Radios
  • Safety equipment
  • Flashlights with spare batteries
  • Paddles
  • Anchor and lines
  • Ladders
  • Stabilizers
  • Mirrors
  • Buoy
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Registration and lettering kits
  • Life boat
  • The accessories above are important to ensure your safety every time you are out boating with your family and friends. You also need to make sure that everyone wears their life jackets when they are on board. Or at least keep the life jackets some place where they will be easily accessible. You just don’t know exactly when you are going to be needing them.

    Non-essential Boat Accessories

    Non-essential boat accessories refer to those items that are not safety oriented. Meaning that, without it, you can still survive should things go awry when you are out boating. However, it helps make the boat look more fun and attractive. Below are the accessories that you can also include on your boat.

  • Water skis
  • Boat fenders
  • Swim platforms
  • Boat heaters
  • Fish finders
  • Wakeboards
  • Wetsuits
  • By no means that the above list is a complete list as there are many more accessories that are not included here. You will be surprised with all the options available out there. All you have to do is judge for yourself whether they are essential or not. A good rule of thumb to follow is essential boat accessories are the ones that concern your safety and the non-essential accessories are the ones that are not safety oriented.

    In conclusion, boat accessories are important to the appearance of your boat as it will increase the value of your boat should you one day decide to sell or trade your boat. Everything that you add to your boat will make a huge difference in the appearance of your boat. Don’t think that just because an item is considered non-essential, it is not that important. If you have extra money, buy them, if not, by following the rule of thumb, you’ll do just fine.

    7 Key Rules To Maintain Your Car Tyres

    In today’s world, maintenance and neglection can determine the life of your tyres. It’s quite tough to take care of your each & every part of your vehicle to maintain the performance or extend the life of your one of the most valuable assets. Neglecting the maintenance of your car tyres can be very costly.

    Pay attention to these key areas to save on its replacement instead of keeping an eye on your vehicle’s performance and checking other parts. According to the experts, tyre maintenance is not a rocket science, it’s just a set of basic rules which are easy to follow for extending their life.

    Know the inflation level: You better know the inflation level which is the biggest influence on tyre life. They are designed to run at a specific pressure. So gather the information on your exact axle load or refer to a tyre load chart. These are available online as well so that you can make the adjustments accordingly.

    Join a good inflation maintenance program: It’s better if you can join a good tyre maintenance program which is quite difficult as they naturally lose air. Small punctures or valve caps may encourage the leakage. Make sure you check your tyres on a regular basis or once in a week to look if there is a rapid leak.

    Reduce your driving speed: It always recommends to control your driving speed because the high speed generates more heat and accelerate tyre wear. The average speed between 55 mph to 75 mph can reduce the total treads mileage by 20% so make sure you keep the speed approx 55mph to increase the mileage.

    Keep your vehicles well-aligned: Poor vehicle alignment is the major reason of the uncertain wears. Unexpected tread wear would appear on parts of the tyres if they don’t run straight ahead. The vehicle should be properly aligned so it’s better you start a serious alignment program which may increase the tyre mileage by 30%.

    Mount it correctly: It’s better you watch the performance of your car tyres. You will have to watch that your tyres are mounted or match-mounted to the wheel correctly. The high spot may vary one tyre to another so watch this mark when you mount the tyres. It’s better if you take the high spot to match it to the low spot of the wheel.

    Check & replace a wheel on time: You need to check the wheels and suspension components on time so that you can replace these hidden enemies of your tyres. If your wheel bearing is not torqued properly, it may cause irregular wear. Worn shock absorbers may cause depression wear on treads and an early trip to the scrap pile. Don’t wait for the suspension components to be broken or for any leakage. It’s better if you can replace shock absorbers and other suspension components.

    Rotate Tyres: Intelligent tyre rotation is quite important to promote even tread wear and add a lot of extra miles in tread life. It’s better if you rotate drive tyres between forward and back positions once in a few months to even out wear. Rear tyres will wear quicker than the forward positions so, it’s better if you emphasize on intelligent tyre rotation.

    If you follow these basic ways to maintain your car tyres, you will find the better mileage, smooth drive, and less maintenance or the car tyre replacement cost. This is the ideal way of extending your tyre life and make it reliable for a long drive.

    Building Range for the Beginning Trumpet Player

    I teach many students each week, and all of them are interested in one thing: playing high notes on the trumpet.

    I’m not sure where this fascination that higher is better came from (well, I guess we could Maynard Ferguson for this), but it is typically the area that most students, old and young, want to improve on.

    Unfortunately, students are often pressured to play high. A first part trumpet player in high school is expected to play up to an above the staff C; sometimes, up to D. Because the student does not want to disappoint the director or look foolish in front of the rest of the band (the trumpet is a very loud instrument, and mistakes are projected just as much as correct notes), he or she will do anything to create these high notes. Often, an incorrect method is used. Most common is using too much pressure.

    Some pressure is required to play the trumpet. However, too much pressure can create problems, such as loose teeth and fatigue. As a victim of too much pressure, I know firsthand the dangers that can occur. After 15 years of playing with a large amount of pressure, my two front teeth came loose with a cracking sound one day as I was playing. Five trips to the dentist and $5,000.00 later, I began researching methods on playing with less pressure.

    Many factors must be accounted for before attempting a range building exercise. An often over-looked factor is how the student holds the trumpet. The student should be aware that the trumpet should be gently supported by the left hand; the right hand is only used to press the valves. The student should avoid putting a “death grip” on the trumpet with the left hand, and should avoid using the pinky ring on the right hand.

    After this has been established, a correct embouchure should then be formed. Much controversy has always been present on the perfect embouchure. However, one that usually works well is a smile-pucker combination. The student is asked to smile, and then slowly pucker the lips while still smiling. The result is an embouchure with firm corners and a center that is loose enough to vibrate (after all, to play a trumpet one must vibrate the lips).

    Finally, I will reveal the secret to correctly developing range in students: AIR. This often used, generic solution actually does work. It’s common for many teachers, when all else fails, to blame the problem on air support. In this case, it is air, but it is also a combination of other techniques.

    To begin, the student must become used to taking a deep breath. To observe what the student thinks a deep breath is, ask him or her to take one. More than likely, he or she would breathe in loud and fast, and his or her chest would visibly swell up. THIS IS INCORRECT! The student is only using half of his or her lung capacity. I like to use the analogy of breathing like a baby. Whenever you watch a baby breath (especially when sleeping) his or her stomach rises up and down. By observing this, we can come to the conclusion that we should breathe all the way down into our stomach (or you can think of dropping the diaphragm). Try this: have the student breathe down to their stomach; tell them to breathe in and aim for their toes. They probably will still take in a loud, fast breath, but it will be deeper.

    In order to improve on this, we must help the student take a more open breath. My favorite tool to use for this is an empty toilet paper tube. Try this: take the empty toilet paper tube, and put it inside of your mouth (about 1 inch of the tube will actually be in your mouth). Seal your lips around it, and breathe in. You will notice first off how much air you are taking in, and secondly, you may notice that the back of your throat feels cold. THIS IS HOW ALL BREATHING SHOULD BE DONE! Have your students try this. They may find it funny or goofy, but it will help. As for breathing without the toilet paper tube, tell the student to imagine that they have a baseball in their mouth. This will ultimately lead to more open breathing as well.

    Now that breathing has been covered, range can be focused on. The best range building exercise I have used is one that I obtained from the Bill Adam routine. This exercise involves starting on a second line G, and playing it as a long tone, and then expanding out both ways on long tones. For example, I would start on G, and then play F#, then G#/Ab, then F, then A, and so on. Go as high as you safely can, and as low as you can go (pedal tones work great for range exercises). Be sure to also play each note as a long tone. You can either assign a specific number of counts (such as playing each note for 8 counts) or just play them until you run out of air. By expanding out, you are not only building range, but also getting your lips used to the different partials and developing your ear by playing large intervals. It should also be noted that low notes are just as, if not more, important than high notes. A good, three dimensional sound should always be attained.

    The most important part of this exercise is to not play higher than is comfortable for you or the student, as injury could occur. To prevent this, tell the student that the embouchure (lip position) should never change; only the amount of air. As the range expands upwards, the air should be pushed from the diaphragm (stomach) muscles.

    I have used this method on beginners, and now all of those students have as comfortable range of at least a 14th after 2 months of weekly lessons (the average range for beginners is an interval of a 7th after one year). With this method, the student will be on his or her way to playing solid in all ranges.

    How to Repair Credit After Bankruptcy: Beginner’s Guide

    As opposed to mainstream thinking, improving your FICO rating even after bankruptcy isn’t unthinkable. Actually, in some ways, it is simpler to reconstruct your FICO score as soon as you default on some loans. In all actuality: sometimes your FICO assessment will be in an ideal situation over the long term. Before we tell you how to repair credit after bankruptcy, here’s a little additional help.

    In case you are battling with your accounts and your FICO assessment, and you don’t see a prompt promising finish to the present course of action, you will most likely keep on struggling for a couple of more years. As you battle to remain above water, you will likely miss a couple of installments all over.

    Furthermore, your FICO rating will endure. In two years, it will be precisely where it is currently. It may even be more regrettable. What’s more, as you keep attempting to keep your head above water, your score may sink further and only get worse.

    Yet when you default on some loans today and afterward begin the way toward reconstructing your FICO rating after bankruptcy, in two years, you could have an awesome FICO assessment!

    The guide on how to repair credit after bankruptcy is comprised of two basic strides:

    Open new lines of credit

    Pay your bills on time

    Open New Lines of Credit

    Many individuals believe that all of a sudden abstaining from any credit after bankruptcy can help. They think that by quitting to use credits in every way, the credit agencies will be happy and their score will get better. In any case, actually, the credit departments view no acknowledge as similarly as awful as bad credit.

    Acquiring new credit limits after bankruptcy tells the credit departments that while you may have hit harsh circumstances, you are en route up! In case you take after this guidance and get new credit extensions, you can without much of a stretch raise your FICO score a long time before the liquidation is expelled from your credit report in seven to ten years.

    Pay Your Bills on Time

    In the event that you have experienced a bankruptcy, never make a late installment. Not even once. You can’t pay one moment past the due date. The credit-scoring models think of you as a to a great degree unsafe borrower, so any sign that you are slipping into old examples won’t look good for your FICO rating.

    This was a 2-step guide on how to repair credit after bankruptcy. If you feel the situation out of your hands or knowledge, it’s better to hire experts for the job.

    Phimosis or Narrow Foreskin and How to Treat It

    By phimosis the foreskin of a boy or man is so narrow in the end that it can not be dropped down. There are mainly two types of phimosis. In one type, the foreskin is elastic so that it can be stretched wider at least to some extent. In the other type there are scars or indications around the tip that makes it totally rigid.

    Sometimes the phimosis is partial, so that the foreskin can be pulled down, but not pushed back again. When the foreskin is trapped in a retracted position, it is called paraphimosis. This condition should be considered as an emergency, since the tight foreskin can cut off the blood supply to the penile head.

    A boy usually has a narrow foreseenkin in his earliest years and the foreskin also is fixed to the penal head. Gradually the tip widens and the foreskin gets loose so that it can be pulled down. Usually it is possible to withdraw it when the boy is 4-7 years old, and the diagnosis phimosis is there usually not done at a very young boy. Phimosis also usually gets away by itself before or during puberty.

    If the opening in the foreskin tip is very narrow, the foreskin will often get inflated by urine during voiding, an occurrence called ballooning. Phimosis can cause inflammation in the foreskin and at the penile head, caused by gathering of smegma and substances from the urine, and consequent growth of bacteria, but it does not occur in every case. The narrow foreskin can make sex and ejaculation cumbersome.

    In some boys the foreskin just does not widen, so it remains very narrow, and then you usually get the elastic type of phimosis. Other boys or men get infections or inflammations in the foreskin that produce scars and constrictions that make it difficult to pull it down, so you get the rigid type of phimosis. The infections are usually due to bad hygiene.

    The best way of preventing phimosis due to infections and scarring is daily to pull back very gently the foreskin as far as it gets without resistance, wash it well with some mild soap, and then flush it well. The parents should do this on young boys, while older boys, teens and adults should do this by themselves. One should never try to force the foreseen down, however. Some doctors warn against using any kind of soap and recommend pure water.

    There are great cultural differences regarding treatment of phimosis between the regions of the World. At some places traditional treatment for phimosis has been circumcision. It has however been shown that phimosis can be cured in most instances without surgery, especially the elastic type:

    In boys before puberty, the simplest treatment is daily flushing with clean water under the foreskin to take away impurities, while waiting for the condition to resolve by itself. Complications or special susceptibility for infection, like in diabetic boys, can make more specific treatment necessary at an early age. Some boys may also feel it to be more comfortable after treatment.

    Salves with corticosteroids can also be used 4-6 weeks to make the foreskin softer and combine it with gentle daily attempts to pull the foreskin back. After some weeks the foreskin can usually be rolled back normally in 70% of the cases. On the market you can also find salves based on herbal extracts for the same use.

    A simple traditional and often successful treatment directed at the condition is each day to stretch the tip of the penis mechanically, and also gently pull it back as long as it gets without resistance, usually with the fingers. The method should preferably be done together with flushing and good washing around the tip. Older boys can learn to perform this method themselves.

    By the inelastic type of phimosis some kind of surgery will sometimes be necessary, but in many communities surgery is regarded as the last option due to several factors: It is difficult to obtain a real good result functionally and aesthetically by surgery, regardless of method. There is a risk for complications as infections, bleedings and scarring, and there is a risk connected to anesthesia.

    Circumcision will solve the initial problem, but a full circumcision will alter the penal in a way that the boy or man not always will be pleased with, even when the procedure is fully successful, and this operation also gives the greatest risk for all complications. In addition to the complications mentioned, the exposed penile head will be subjected to mechanical irritation, as a response grow thicker, and can thebyy loose sensitivity. Circumcision will leave a ring of scar just below the penile head that may not look good and feel uncomfortable. Also the reduced amount of skin on the penis can make erections more difficult.

    Often one can cut off an inelastic ring at the tip, and occasionally also use the other methods some time afterwards. Some surgeons do a more complicated reshaping of the foreskin to widen it (preputial plasty), and in many countries in Europe this is the recommended method when surgery is necessary.

    When consulting a doctor for treatment of phimosis, one should discuss the methods available to find that which fits best the interest for the patient, which often will be a young boy, and not automatically accept a suggestion for circumcision. If the doctor is rigidly inclined towards circumcision, a second opinion should be consulted.

    Male Masturbation, Autofellatio, and Sexual Yoga For Exotic Pleasure Exploration

    Is it possible to engage in exotic forms of male masturbation, utilizing Yoga as a tool for autofellatio, to explore more distant forms of sexual pleasure?

    The answer is “Yes.” Masturbation is simply a form of autosexuality where a man (or woman) engages in self-stimulation to reach an orgasm or to induce feelings of pleasure. This practice is not just relegated to Homo Sapiens. In fact, it has been noted throughout a great deal of the rest of the critters in the world.

    Regarding human beings: while these masturbatory techniques are typically employed when an individual is alone (hence the “auto” in autosexuality), this isn’t always the case. It is not uncommon for partners to masturbate in front of each other as a form of sexual exploration and arousal. There is also a wide array of videos, literature, exhibitionism, and pictures of people performing masturbation. Clearly there is a strong sexual connection with masturbation and its ability to create arousal through its voyeuristic nature.

    Of course, there are many methods of masturbation. From using mechanical devices to just erotic thoughts. One method that men can utilize to masturbate is through the practice of autofellatio. This simply means that a man is able to perform fellatio (oral sex) on himself. Men aren’t the only ones who can utilize this technique; women can, too. Autofellatio is also found in the animal kingdom and is more apparent with other animals than man.

    One of the best ways for a man to engage in this exotic form of sexuality is to increase the flexibility of his spine. The reason for this is that the one anatomical structure that connects the mouth to the penis is the spine. However, the spine is also the main anatomical structure that separates the mouth from the penis. Once we understand this basic concept, we can focus on the main causative factor that separates the men who can autofellate and those who cannot.

    Yoga is one method of increasing flexibility and range-of-motion in the spine. I think we’ve all seen pictures, or in real life, of men (and women) in Yoga poses that seem almost impossible to be able to execute. While seemingly impossible, just some basic understanding of how the body biomechanically works will allow most people to realize that such poses aren’t so “impossible” after all.

    So, then, if we can learn some of the Yogic teachings and maybe throw in a little modern-age physical therapeutics then we might really have a recipe that will allow men to achieve autofellatio. The key is to be able to train oneself in such a way that it is accomplished in a safe and intelligent manner.

    Once the ability to autofellate has been attained, then men can certainly explore this form of very deep and personal sexual pleasure.

    Best of luck with your journey.

    Exploring unconventional methods of sexuality; methods that our ancestors enjoyed and impassioned themselves with, is one of my interests. Those men who are interested in autofellatio should read Yogafellatio. It is a book that helps guide men in this form of sexuality.