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We use third party advertising company to serve advertisements at some fixed places of the blog. Some of them like adsense uses the DART cookie to serve advertisement based on user interest and previous interaction. Though user can always opt out of DART cookie settings by visiting the Google Adsense and Content Network Policy.

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Copyright Policy

You are free to use and copy any content from our site BUT, you cannot hot-link images or and files directly from our server and we will be happy if you provide credit links on the pages you’ve copied or used our content.

Note : Since we accept user submissions, If any of our Articles or content infringe your copyright, then contact us immediately through the contact form and we will be removing the articles immediately.

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We love comments, but any comments which is abusive, spread hatred, racial or any way hurting anyone opinion will never be entertained. We keep our comments moderated to maintain the integrity of individuals. We also use Advanced tools to monitor spam. So, if your comment doesn’t appear even after a full week of submitting, the possible reason might be that it was cached incorrectly by spam blocks. Contact us, and we’ll free your comment.