Using a VPN when Gaming Online

Many people enjoy playing games via the internet. Whether you are a fan of MMORPGs, or like to play browser based games, there is the potential that using a VPN can improve your experience.

So long as you live in a country, such as the US, UK, or Australia, where the use of Virtual Private Networks is legal, you should not have any problems with playing from a different IP address to where you are located. There can be a number of benefits to using a VPN for your gaming session, that range from the playability to even accessing the content itself.

Using a VPN

A VPN can improve your gaming experience, depending on your reason for using it. Finding the best free VPN for your gaming needs can go a long way.

Some games may not be available to play in your country, or you may have friends in other countries who play on a different server. Due to the social aspects of a lot of online games, being able to play alongside your friends is a must. The use of a VPN means that you can make your internet connection believe that you are in the same country as your comrades, which can allow you to play together as you desire.


Latency, or game lag, can be a big issue for people who want to play games online. The speed in which your internet transmits what is going on can make a big difference to your gameplay, especially in PvP environments. For those with high latency, they may find that, by the time their internet has caught up to what is going on, they have been defeated. Other in-game rendering issues may also occur from this.

To circumvent this latency, some people use a VPN to increase their internet speed or, simply, to reduce their latency. This means that the game will then run at the speed of the IP connection, as opposed to the one you had before.

Doing Your Research

While the use of a VPN may be legal, you may also want to look into the game’s terms and conditions to check if they allow usage when using their software. Failure to do so can leave you unable to play the game, especially if the company has already blocked known VPN IP addresses from its servers.

Some game providers may also have it written into their terms that the usage of VPNs is disallowed. If you are found using one, your account, characters, and even previous purchases can be deleted. Considering that you must accept their terms and conditions prior to beginning play, this would not leave you with any recourse.

Playing games online can be a wonderful way to destress from the pressures life can bring. By optimising your gaming experience using a VPN, you can keep your identity secure, increase your ability to play on new servers, and reduce latency so that you can make the most of your playtime.

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