Will Your Internet Be Faster when Connected to a VPN?

When using the internet at home, one of the biggest problems you are likely to deal with is slow internet speeds. When we have slow internet at home, it can become hugely frustrating. The glacial pace of our internet is not just a frustration, but a long-term irritant. The problem, though, can easily be solved. You could, for example, choose to turn to using a Virtual Private Network. VPNs, as they are known, are being used by around 25% of the internet public today, for accessing streaming sites like Netflix and HBO, or casinos like Gamblem or 888. If you are going online, then, they offer you the perfect chance to enjoy indirectly faster internet.

How does a VPN make my internet faster?

This is the interesting thing. With a VPN, you are often going to put up with slower, not faster, speeds. Your internet will often become a lot less impressive as the connection is coming from so far away. If you are looking to use a VPN to help improve your internet speed directly, then, you might be doing the wrong thing.

So, does that contradict what we said above? Not really. The reason why your internet speeds will increase when using a VPN is simple: with a VPN, you often get unlimited bandwidth. If you want to get unlimited bandwidth with an internet service provider, you will usually need to pay through the nose. Even ‘unlimited’ packages tend to come with unfair limitations that can kick your internet speed far down the road.

That, as you can imagine, is a huge frustration. Many people will find that their VPN, then is going to be faster as it helps to avoid such throttling. Yes, the base speed is slow. However, the actual aggregated speed will be more consistent, meaning that it tends to be faster.

Why would my internet be throttled?

Being truthful? To make you pay more money. Most internet service providers have tiered pricing programs. This means that you get X amount of speed and Y amount of bandwidth for Z monthly fee. This means that you will have an internet package that is going to cost you a lot if you wish to get freedom from throttling.

Your internet package might say it comes with unlimited bandwidth usage. Sadly, what unlimited means in this context and what it means are often two different things. You will often still need to pay in terms of capped internet speeds. Whether you are streaming, gaming, browsing or torrenting, this can be a bit of a nightmare. Your internet, then, might be throttled for all manner of reasons. Most of the time, though, it is to make you want to dig into your pocket and go buy a new package with your provider.

With a VPN, though, you get a steady, simple, and affordable alternative. You can use your own internet until you get throttled. Then, you can change on over to the new VPN and use that for the rest of the night.

But I’m still paying two fees…

Yes, you are. However, the monthly fee that you pay for a VPN is very often under the €10 mark. Many are in the €3-5 mark. So, you will not be paying much at all on top. And it gives you a totally clear, consistent connection. Yes, it won’t be as fast as your baseline speed. However, it will still be very much an enjoyable experience for you if you happen to be paying fees in excess.

One of the main reasons why you should probably look to get a VPN instead is that, broadly, they are more affordable. You will pay less, and you will get more access. You also get a lot more value from using a VPN. For example, you won’t be dealing with the same annoying issues that you would have if you were to use just an extended version of your current internet package. You also get access to a whole lot more freedom on the internet. The fact that this is often cheaper than getting a more expensive package from your ISP should make you consider trying out a VPN instead of updating your package.

VPNs are not faster, but they are safer

One of the best reasons to use a VPN is that it takes away the need to track everything you do. If you intend on using your internet for anything from a TOR connection to getting connected to a geo-blocked streaming service, a VPN is better. It just lets your ISP know that you were using a VPN. What you did when on that VPN is not something that they can find out. It is something that offers added peace of mind, and the promise of some much-needed security.

So, if you have some issues with putting your data out there, then a VPN often offers the cloak that you need. The fact that everything is blocked and encrypted on the best VPNs means that you can get even more protection when shopping online or entering your payment details at your favourite casino like this one. So, if you are serious about anonymity when you are online, a VPN offers that.

Are VPNs popular?

Yes, mightily. As we mentioned above, around 25% of online internet users will be using a VPN. The added privacy, the fact that it allows for connections to other parts of the worlds services and the solid speeds makes it a companion for many people on-the-go or at home.

You are not going to be the only person that you know who uses a VPN. VPN use, too, is growing all the time. The sheer variety of options mixed in with the volume of safety and privacy features makes getting a VPN a much easier way to improve your internet access.

For added safety, then, you should look to use a VPN. While it might not make your internet directly faster, it does play a role in giving you a more consistent speed. With all recommended VPNs offering access to streaming, too, you can use a VPN to help avoid needless, frustrating throttling moving forward.

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