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    3M unveils 84″ multitouch tabletop with UHD display and a 100-point input

    3M is showing off its 84-inch multi-touch table at CES this year . Like Microsoft’s original “Surface” tabletop touchscreen, the gigantic capacitive table is the successor to last year’s 46-inch model; however, the device is still under development until its expected launch during the second half of this year. This Tabletop differs from last year’s […]

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    Microsoft Illumiroom fills room with video using Kinect and projector

    Microsoft and Samsung demonstrated a new display technology called Illumiroom at the Consumer Electronics Show. This technology illluminates a room with lights and images designed to complement what players see on their television while playing a game. Illumiroom uses a combination of Kinect and a projector to make the magic happen. Microsoft points out that […]

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    StickNFind Bluetooth stickers – tag and find your goods with a smartphone

    Do you often forget your keys or cellphone at home? Well, the digital gods have developed a solution to help curb your absent-mindedness: Stick-N-Find Bluetooth-enabled stickers. Stick-N-Find are quarter-sized Bluetooth stickers that track up to 20 items with a smartphone. The stickers are mapped via the free iOS or Android app, and have a range of about 100 feet. As of now, […]

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    Get ready for Apple iWatch

    Tech giant Apple is working with Intel to manufacture a 1.5-inch OLED screen iOS watch a Chinese gadget blog has claimed. According to the report, the Bluetooth watch would debut sometime in the first half of 2013. Consumers have previously used the sixth-generation iPod Nano as a watch, with third parties producing wristbands for the product. In a […]