Many people have asked us. "What should I take to the car dealership?"

That is a great question. You definitely should not go to the dealership empty handed. This article lists the items you will need to take to make your new car purchase.

If you are going to the dealer to buy your car you will want to take the following:

1. A Valid Driver's license or another valid proof of identity such as a passport.

2. Proof of auto insurance – You will need to show the dealer proof of auto insurance. Having some form auto insurance is a requirement. There are many options available to obtain auto insurance coverage. It is also better to be safe than sorry.

3. Proof of residence – Typically something such as a utility bill will suffice to prove your residency. If you are uncertain call the dealer ahead of time to find out what will be acceptable.

4. Your check book (or some form of payment) – This one is obvious as you are going to have to make payment arrangements and most likely provide the dealer with money to cover the down payment and / or tax, title, and license.

5. Trade-in information – If you have a vehicle to trade-in you will have to provide certain documents to hand it over to the dealership. If you own the car outright you will need to bring the Title documents. If you still owe money on the car you will need to bring in the lender information so that the dealer can verify the current pay-off amount. You will also need the registration information.

You may not need every one of these items at a certain dealership but having all of them available will make for a smooth buying experience.

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