There are many reasons why you need to compare car insurance quotes, many people compare for the only reason of saving money. Factors like the company's claims from the previous year and / or the area in which you live come to play in determining the quotes the provider will give you.

Definitely, you need to get quotes from different providers and compare them in order to get the best and comfortable, affordable rates for yourself.

Some auto insurance providers who paid out much money on claims the previous year may likely increase their rates in the current year; some others whose claims were not much may be more liberal. You discover that the rates vary from one provider to the other. If on the other hand you are living in an area where crimes like theft is on the high side, you are likely to get higher insurance quotes.

So be wise and install some security devices like burglar alarms and make sure you park in a good garage. If your only option is to park your car on the street, then expect your rates to be a little high.

You best bet in comparing auto insurance quotes is to go online as doing otherwise can be very stressful and time consuming; so search the internet, you will see many auto insurance providers. They may require some personal information like where you live and your age, the type of policy cover you want etc. This search will provide you with the various auto insurance options and their rates so you can compare and get the right one for yourself.

Some online sites have quotes from many car insurance providers in one place. This further cuts down on your search time and makes the quote getting process easier and faster.