Automobile accidents can happen within the blink of the eye, and they may take so much away from you. When you sustain injuries in a vehicle accident it might affect you for the remainder of your life. It's oftentimes the situation that injured folks cannot return to their traditional jobs they may have been trained for. If you have had an injury because of an auto accident, you may have been required to change professions or even to be retrained to perform another job that you do not enjoy nearly as much. If you have been badly injured than you may not happen to be capable to start to work again, or else you may need plenty of time to undergo physical therapy or other treatments before you are able to start working for income again. Hopefully, if you have been injured, you have retained the legal services of your car accident lawyer. Before settling your personal injury claim for your injuries that you sustained from the auto accident, be sure that the award you obtain is going to be sufficient to cover any damages that have been done.

Physical Therapy

If physical therapy is needed for you to recuperate from an injury, then this cost should be factored into your personal injury award. Sometimes standard medical care insurance will pay for part of your physical therapy, but this is not always the case. When you have no insurance, or maybe your insurance won't cover the physical rehabilitation that you'll require, physical rehabilitation can run into the hundreds of dollars per treatment.

Nursing Home and Convalescent Care

For serious injuries, nursing home or convalescent care may be needed to enable you to go back to the full standard of living that you're familiar with. If it is necessary, then your average price of staying in one of those facilities is approximately $ 200 per day. This doesn't include any extra charges for things like medication and physical rehabilitation. Some people may find themselves needing round the clock care, which could end up being provided in your home or in an assisted living facility. In home care may be expensive; usually around $ 20 an hour or around $ 40,000 annually will be the normal rate. Assisted living care can go up to $ 36K per year for care only. This doesn't include the rent as well as other expenses involved in residing in this type of facility.

Who Will Pay for Long Term Care for Personal Injuries?

So who is ultimately responsible to cover the expense of providing long term care when there are actually accident victims? Medical care insurance and oftentimes Medicare and Medicaid cover some of the bill, depending on how old you are and your individual needs. The rest will be your responsibility to cover. This can often mean placing the responsibility of payment on your loved ones, and this may cause a lot of stress on family members.

So, it's apparent that the expense of getting injured during an automobile accident can be huge, and the injuries may cause lifelong problems. A large settlement can be quite tempting if you're unable to work and you have bills to cover. Big insurance providers know this. But as your car accident lawyer will advise, it's always best to hold out for the settlement that you will require for the long run.