In the primitive age, the only means of transportation and the only way of commuting from one place to another was with the aid of the domestic animals like camels, horses etc. After the discovery of the wheel came carts. But in the present times, it is impossible to conceive of the world without cars. The car is the premier automobile which traverses the streets and highways and with the progress of time, there have been innovated various forms of cars like the sports cars, the formula one cars used in racing, the smart cars possessed with artificial intelligence and it is impossible to forget the various cars devised for the superheroes from Batman's celebrated fictional Batmobile to James Bond's Aston Martin. These cars had emerged as an extension of the superhero's personality rather than being simple mechanical devices used for transportation. Cars are available in major showrooms of the different brands but it is also possible for individuals to buy second hand cars or used cars at lower prices.

While it is true that these used cars are sold by private dealers, rental car companies and various other outlets, used cars are simply those vehicles which have had one or more owners earlier. Not only companies, but even individuals can engage in selling their vehicles personally by advertising in newspapers or online.

In case of engaging in buying used cars, it is necessary for the individual to follow certain guidelines propounded by the Federal Trade Commission's Used Car Rule to make sure that one is not duped as it is a common occurrence in these cases. The guidelines are recorded in the Buyer's Guide which sets down certain conditions. All the terms and conditions agreed upon by the buyer of the used car and its previous owner must be officially certified in pen and paper. The mechanical and electrical devices within the car must be checked and tested by an efficient unbiased mechanic to make sure that it is functioning properly. The buyer of the used car must also acquire all information about the vehicle from the previous owner especially regarding the basic problems faced by him with the car. It is also significant to note that whether the vehicle is sold with a warranty and if so, the fraction amount the seller would pay for repair work during warranty period should be specified. In the United States, the used vehicle trading comprises a separate industry recording yearly sales of $ 370 billion and it has sold twice the amount of new cars in 2005.