Auto insurance premium costs can vary for so many factors ranging from the more general age and gender and even marital status. But most of all it depends on what kind of car you are driving. The first option available is the Fully Comprehensive Auto Insurance which can be quite expensive. It provides coverage for just about anything from auto theft to collision accidents. The reason it is this expensive is because it does not provide insurance regardless of whether it was your fault or someone else's fault. It also provides coverage in case the other person does not have insurance as well.

Then there is a Third Party, fire and Theft auto insurance which provides a lot of the coverage that comprehensive insurance provides. But for accidents, this type of insurance makes the company liable to pay out in the event that you are at fault.

Another type of auto insurance is called Third party insurance which basically provides coverage in situations when you are at fault in an accident and have hit a third party. It is cheaper and can be used to cover old autos whose value is not that relevant.

For classic cars, there is a Specialized Car which has all the benefits of a comprehensive auto insurance. Your car can be considered a classic only if it has been around for twenty five years. But this kind of policy must be checked thoroughly before buying since they normally have clauses restricting the insurance to a certain number of road miles that you can drive in a year.