For car owners looking for something more in ensuring that their prized vehicles are protected round the clock, there is a variety of accessories to consider besides auto covers. Leading stockists provide these covers with some accessories for ease of use and convenience. The ones described below are among the leading products in the market.

Many car owners eventually realize that no matter how well fitting the outer cover is, it is still likely to be blown off when there are strong gases of wind. This will not only expose your car to the same elements you are aiming to protect it from but can also damage the cover as well, greatly reducing its lifespan. This is why you need to buy a gust guard as well.

Gust guards come as an optional set of accessories when buying a car cover. The guards are usually made as a set of four clips and two adjustable cords that ensure that your car cover is held in place irrespective of the winds gusting against it. The clips hold on to the cover hem in front of the front wheels and behind the back wheels. The cords have easily adjustable tension locks that allows you to tighten the grip to withstand any pressure from the wind.

Another accessory that will ensure the longevity of your adjustable auto cover is a car cover storage bag.You will still concede that a heavy duty auto cover is a bulky and ungainly piece of material to lug around. A storage bag will ensure that it becomes more handy and it fits snugly in a corner of you trunk, giving you more room to store and carry other essentials.

When shopping for a car cover storage bag, there are some essential considerations to keep in mind. Look for a bag that is made from a durable material with proper permanent stitching on the edges to ensure longevity. Just as well, take care when choosing the storage bag to ensure it is made from material that is waterproof and strong to ensure the cover remains safe and free from wear no matter how long it lasts in disuse.

You can not afford to gamble with the exterior of your car as it represents some cost investment. If you have to leave your car parked for a length of time such as at an airport, choose from the best of car covers and accessories for peace of mind.