Women, unlike years back, have now been considered equal to men and actually surpass them on a number of things. One of them is having an advantage when having their cars insured. Below are three reasons why car insurance companies are biased towards them.

1. Ladies are considered as much less risky drivers. Although statistics show that lady drivers do get into much more accidents per year, their are fewer than men. Typically, their accidents involve minor scratches or small bumps. These kinds of things are somewhat negligible as compared to what men usually get into.
2. Ladies tend to be neater in general than men. This translates to longer lives for their car and probably less maintenance.
3. Women generally drive slower than men and because of this, their cars are less battered. This will result in fewer repairs so making the car last longer resulting in less risk that owners will claim their insurance.
4. More women drivers are mothers who's main purpose for their cars are bringing their children to school and back. Schools are usually in close proximity to their homes and this translates to fewer miles for the car. Men in general drive long distances and again this means their cars are broken to breaking down.
5. Finally, fewer ladies go into drag racing. Or to simply put it, on the average, ladies are much slower drivers which make them safer drivers.

The things mentioned above give women a huge advantage when getting car insurance. Most of them will get discounts and bonuses and also processed faster by most car insurance companies.