Are we really thinking the electric car scenario through, are not we missing some other key points of contention? You know, such as what to do with 100 million discarded batteries in the next 10-years in our landfills? We are already complaining about cell phone and laptop batteries in our dumps, what about 30 batteries per car filled with lithium, which is considered a metal, and it is a neurotoxin too.

Check with the EPA online, and see for yourself.

Did you know when an electric car gets in a wreck and the batteries are ruptured they have to call out a hazmat team. Did you know nickel metal hydride batteries are a severe environmental problem because they contain heavy metal? Did you know even if your regular car gets in a wreck, and the battery starts leaking that is a serious issue; This is because there is sulfuric acid inside the batteries, no, it's not a huge deal but to permits it is. Ion-lithium batteries are also quite bad for the environment.

So what happens if someone buys one of these $ 110,000 Tesla sports cars and can not handle the 3.5 seconds to 60 mph acceleration, and duly crashes their car into something like an immovable object? I guess they'll have to call up a hazmat team, so much for helping the environment. But if you happen to live in the State of Colorado, they are giving a $ 42,000 tax credit if you buy a Tesla electric car.

So, we can expect to see lots electric cars in Colorado, and when the roads get into icy conditions they are sure going to keep the hazmat teams busy are not they? Please consider all this.