Well, the other day I saw my first Tesla electric car out in public, it was here in our California town. And yes, I drive a little red sports car myself, so when it pulled up to the signal I rev'ed my engine letting the driver know I wanted to race, he got me the nod and smiled. Boy, did I feel stupid when that light turned green and I watch that car accelerate past me like I was standing still. Now then, my car is pretty fast, and I timed the light just right, thanks to my fast reflexes, but that did not matter much as that little Tesla car went by me like I was standing still.

Neverheless, the gentleman driving was an older man, and I bet his reflexes are not as fast as mine and he was through the intersection and down the road quite a ways and he had hit his brakes pretty hard because someone pulled out in front of him . When I got home, I looked on the Internet to see just how fast the Tesla car from 0 to 60; It said 3.5 seconds. "Oh my God," I once had a GSXR 750 slingshot crotch rocket motorcycle and it was fully raced out, and it went from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. Do you even comprehend how fast that is?

If this car went any faster it would be dragster, seriously, this car is absolutely dangerous for someone who does not have the skill and reflexes to drive it. They should require anyone buying this vehicle to go to race car school, and they should have to pass a more advanced drivers test. If not, this Tesla car acceleration; is just flat dangerous in my opinion. Therefore, I can not recommend anyone buying this Tesla race car, unless they have the balls and the skill to drive it. Indeed, I hope you'll please consider this.