Home ownership comes with one convenient thing; the garage. The garage is actually extra space which if used wisely can add a lot of value to the home. Garages are used to protect the cars and for many people; they are even used as offices. Let us look at a few uses of a garage.

One of the uses of a garage is the old-fashioned protection for your vehicles. When vehicles are inside the garage, they are protected from vandalism, weather elements and even theft. This becomes even more so the more expensive a vehicle is.

Another way you can use your garage is for storage. Sometimes the garage is large enough to allow one or two cars and then leave some space. This space can be used to store other clutter around the house such as the lawn mower, construction tools, cleaning material and even boxes containing heavy material that can not be left in the house

A garage can also be used for business purposes. There are people who choose not to park their cars inside the garage altogether and instead use that space to set up an office and work from home. This has especially become the rule with the advent of many home-based businesses.

Regardless of what the garage is being used for, we all agree that is needs to be protected and secure. The best way to do this is to ensure that there is a proper garage door that works as it should. One way of finding out whether your door is working well is to open it, pull it up and then release it. A good door should stay up. If it comes tumbling down in a loud crash, then it needs repairs.

Today's garage doors have evolve dramatically. In the past, garage doors used to be manually opened and closed. This meant that once one arrived home, they had to exit their vehicle, walk to the door and open it with a regular key and then pry it open (as heavy as it is). This was especially inconvenient if it was raining or snowing, or very hot.

Nowadays, it is not hard to see remote-controlled garage doors which are opened by a simple push of a button. One need not leave the vehicle. The door opens of itself and the car simply rolls in. The door is then set to automatically close when the car eases inside. Some have a laser mechanism that ensures that the door does not close if there is something underneath the door. This mechanism can come especially handy if there is a child under the door as children are accredited to doing.

Because garage doors are subject to constant opening and closing, they sometimes became damaged and need repairs. Do not attempt to repair a garage door yourself if you are not sure of what you are doing. Many garage doors have a repair guide that came with it and if you do not have it you can simply check the 800 number on the garage door and call for maintenance.