Life brings us many challenges. In Chinese thought "challenges" are "opportunities." How will we react to our lessons? When we express our emotions, neuro peptides in the blood start moving. These "Molecules of Emotion" (book by Candace Pert) enhance the immune system. It is healing to express what we feel and not let it fester inside of us. In the grander scheme of things all these problems will be healed by the hands of the divine.

Sigh or cry it out.
It does not belong there.
Deep in your heart lies
The sadness of past hurts,
Broken dreams, unfulfilled promises.
Let them go, as a wave goes out to sea
And then is born again anew.
These hurts can be given back …
Given back to God, back to Mother Earth.
All blessings come when we empty ourselves
Of all frivolous things,
Knowing that our being expresses
The very Heart of God.

There is this feeling of freedom,
Of a release of woes on this earth.
When perplexed with the different
Ensuing dramas of this life;
When looked upon from the higher picture,
Are but stepping stones and stumbling blocks
That must be glossed over.
This freedom comes from the realization
That in the mighty scheme of Heaven,
These problems are not real.
They are not as life-threatening as expected.
Nor do these problems last in our eternity.
They are fleeting like this life.
And in Heaven our spirits work out all problems
In connection with God.

Copyright 2009 Merry C. Battles