Every single person who owns a vehicle is looking for ways to save some money when they pull up to a fuel pump to top up their tank. I know that I was when fuel prices hit a price of $3.50 a gallon and was spending around $100 to fill up my tank.

There are a lot of different fuel saving devices on the market that promise to give you extra mileage and I, myself have tried quite a few of them and not one of them got me the extra mileage that they promised. There is one device that blew me away with the extra mile that I got. It was a system that I build myself, it’s called a on-demand hydrogen gas generator.

A lot of people wonder how does water fuel technology for cars work, well I was one of those people and I have to say it is by far the greatest gas saving device today. Since building and installing the system in one of my vehicles I have gotten a 47% fuel mileage increase. Once you get the plans all of the materials can be found at any local store for less than $60, or if you are like me you will probably have most of the parts in you garage from some other project that you where doing.

This water fuel technology (on-demand hydrogen gas generator) can be put together in less then a weekend, so when Monday morning comes for you to commute to work and you have to fill up, you will be shocked to see how long that your full tank of gas will last, and how many more miles you have gotten and you’ll wonder why you never did this long before.

Are you interested in building you own on-demand hydrogen gas generator and laugh at rising fuel prices? We have created a review site for the best Water Fuel Conversions Guides on the market.