Pontiac cars enjoy a rich history of production and sales in the United States and Canada from its start 1926 to the present. Pontiac features a more sporting, performance-driving experience for a reasonable price. Pontiac logo was changed in 1956 from a Native American Headdress to a Native American arrowhead. Pontiac car was the perfect vehicle for automobile market of those times, as it delivered its value in terms of room and operating cost.

Pontiac Bonneville and further models

Pontiac Bonneville was introduced in 1957, and it started GM’s attention on the performance. Continuing with its specialization of performance, Pontiac introduced Wide-Track in 1959. This car model offered greater stability and increased traction due to larger wheel base. It was an instant hit with the public!.

The Pontiac GTO was introduced in 1964. It was the first intermediate GM vehicle to be powered by V8 389-cubic-inch engine of the Pontiac division, and eventually also marked the starting of the era of muscle cars. Pontiac, thus, is often credited for the beginning of muscle car era, which was a major boost to sports industry and people who like to have a big engine in small body. GTO was liked for its stunning looks and incredible performance throughout the decade of 60.

1967 saw the introduction of the Firebird, an F-body car placed on a small and sportier platform. The production of Firebird was stopped in 2002 after 35 years of successful sales.

Overall, it can be well-noticed that Pontiac cars have always delivered the value of their names in terms of luxury, style, and engineering advancements to win the hearts of the public right from their inception!


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