Fasteners are not the sexiest of topics to discuss, but they oftentimes are more important than people think. Whether you are attaching wire to a pole or the seat cover to the seat if you don’t make sure that what you put in place stays in place you will have some definite problems down the road. For that, you need a fastener that can stand the test of time and make sure things stay where they are supposed to. There are several different types of fasteners, and one of them is known as the hog ring.

Uses for Rings

Hog rings, also called crimp or shoat rings, got their name because they were used to attach ropes to… you guessed it… hogs through their nose. These items are very versatile and can be found in a variety of applications. As mentioned above, they are used on link fences and on automobile upholstery. They are also used in closing chicken wire, mesh, plastic bags, and coincidentally sausages. Very few tools have such a wide and variety of uses as this tiny bit of metal.


Just as they have a variety of uses, crime rings also come in a variety of materials. They can be made out of low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals. They are typically fastened on with a special pair of pliers. In industrial settings they are sold by the pound rather than the count, but to give an approximate estimate 800 hog rings weight approximately 1 pound sold for $9.90 at one web site, with smaller quantities available for consumer use.

Where to Purchase These Fasteners

Hog rings can be found at a hardware store, local or big box. They are not necessarily an item you would pick up on a regular trip, but they are priced so inexpensively that picking them up on a routine trip may not be such a bad idea. It is not something that should break the bank if you are at the hardware store in the first place, and it is not something so expensive that you would want to make an extra trip for.

If you want to make sure your item stays fastened, hog rings are the way to go. They are cheap and versatile, available at your local hardware store, and make quite a few jobs easier.


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