Car has been used as vehicle to travel from one place to another within the city or outside the city and has also been considered as the symbol of status in some poor countries. It is not easy to purchase the car in some of the poor countries because of its high price and that is why it has only been used by the rich persons of such countries. In the present time it became very easy to have a car by leasing the same from the bank or any other car leasing company. The said procedure of leasing the car has been prevailed in the poor countries as well as some rich countries of the world like United Kingdom.

It is now very easy to have a car even if you did not afford to buy the same from the market and even if you are a salary person having medium salary package. There are many of the cars leasing companies which are financing the money for the purpose of purchase of the car for personal use. The different policies of lease have been designed for leasing the cars to the businessmen and to the salary class.

You can choose to have any of the cars prescribed by the car leasing company of United Kingdom which comes under your criteria of the budget. The Bank or the financial companies have to undertake some procedural steps for the purpose of sanctioning and disbursing the amount of car to any of the borrower.

First of all you have to obtain the application form from the concerned car leasing company for the purpose of applying for the lease finance. Then you have to fill all the column of the application form with the detail of your business or employment. You also have to submit some document to the car leasing company for the purpose of security of the finance as well as to judge the repayment capacity of yours. For the said purpose you have to submit your account statement, if you are a businessman, to ascertain your income by analyzing the cash flow of your company from your account statement.

In case if you are a salary person then you have to submit your salary slips for the latest following three months for the purpose of calculation of the debt burden of yours, on the basis of which a car leasing company decides whether you have been given the car through lease finance or not. Moreover, for the purpose of security of the funds that are being invested by the leasing company on your car, the registration of the car has been executed with joint names of yours and leasing company to avoid any future complications.


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