This article provides readers with achievable and effective methods to help them let go of road rage. Ways of remaining peaceful in difficult driving situations are discussed, as well as how to make a car interior a positive and calming influence.

Whether you experience anger while driving or are on the receiving end of someone else aggression road rage can be a big problem. Not only does driving while in a fury make people upset, but it can also cause accidents. Understanding how to curb road rage can make driving enjoyable, instead of a nightmare.

The Right Frame Of Mind

Studies show that people often experience what they think they will. Therefore, if you get into your car expecting to undergo a fraught journey in which you encounter bad drivers who make you mad, that is exactly what is likely to happen. Change your expectations however, and you leave yourself open to the possibility of seeing things differently. Instead of looking for troublesome experiences, you can focus more on enjoying driving.

The Calming Exercises

While it is probably not a good idea to practice deep relaxation when driving, as you need to remain alert to drive safely, arming yourself with methods of achieving calm can still be useful. There are many ways to achieve a sense of peace when driving.

Counting to ten when you feel your temper rising can give you time to calm down and whatever is bothering you to end. Most things that send you into a rage are likely to pass in a matter of seconds If, however, a longer period of feeling agitated is on the cards, consider making counting to ten last longer by adding a peaceful word after each number. For example, “one, gentle, two, relax”.

How to Change Your Car’s Flat Tire

This article also tells about how to change their car’s flat tire. Included are the tools required to safely change a tire on the side of a road. Also touched on is what to do when the tire becomes flat while driving and the proper way to loosen and tighten lug nuts.

Place the jack on the spot reserved for tire jacks. This spot is shown in your car care and maintenance guide and in the owner’s manual. The exact spots are stamped on the undercarriage of your car, slightly ahead of the rear tires and behind the front tires, less than an inch from the outside of the car. Before jacking the car up, remove the hub caps and then loosen the lug nuts using the crow bar until they can be loosened by hand. Starting with the lug nut on the top of the flat tire, loosen the lug nuts located at 12 o’clock and then 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock and then 9 o’clock and so on, until all of the lug nuts have been loosened. Place the tire block in front of and behind one of the good tires at the opposite end of the car from the flat tire (if your flat is in the rear of the car, place the tire blocks around one of the front tires).

Jack the car up until the flat tire starts to leave the ground, and then remove the lug nuts from the tire. Remove the flat tire from the car and place it in the trunk. Take the spare tire and place it on the bolts that hold the tire in place and then hand screw the lug nuts back onto the tire. Once all the lug nuts are fairly tight, use the alternating method again to tighten them with the crowbar. Lower the jack until it comes loose from under the car and stow the jack in the trunk.


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