Q: My license was restricted by the court so I am only allowed to drive to, and from, work. Can I get automobile insurance coverage while my license is restricted?

A: Not only can you get automobile insurance coverage while your license is restricted, but you absolutely must.

The court restricted your license, but still allowed you to drive for a period of time each day. While you are on the road your car must be insured in every state except for New Hampshire.

If you are caught driving without insurance and with a restricted license you will lose your restricted license at a bare minimum. It is more likely you will be arrested.

Many states will require you to file a form known as an SR22 while driving with a restricted license. Basically this is a form that your insurance company will send to the state explaining that you are covered. If the policy lapses the insurance company will notify the state immediately.

An SR22 insurance policy will be more expensive, but it is often the only way to legally drive a car while your license is restricted.

You should consult with an attorney to find out the specifics of your case, but our recommendation is to not even consider driving a car without automobile insurance coverage.

We highly recommend that you compare auto insurance quotes from a variety of providers before choosing a policy to meet your needs. This will allow you to purchase the best coverage at the lowest cost.