A electromagnetic levitation train floats about 10mm above the guide way on a magnetic field.

It is propelled by the guide way itself rather than an on board engine by changing magnetic fields. Once the train is pulled into the next section the magnetism switches so that the train is pulled on again. The electromagnets run the length of the guide way. means in theory trains and track would need no maintenance at all. The second advantage is that because electromagnetic levitation trains float, there is no friction. Note that there will still be air resistance. A third advantage is less noise, because there are no wheels running along there is no wheel noise. However noise due to air disturbance still occurs. The final advantage is speed.

Now for a start lets look at the spoke less bike.

The spoke less bicycle was the brainchild of nine Yale seniors from an engineering class. One of the students explained the reasoning behind the concept of the spoke less bicycle, “First, it looks cool. Second, we only had a semester so we wanted to pick something that was both feasible and challenging. Also, you can do a lot of things with the space that opens up where the spokes use to be. You can stick an electric motor in there. You can install some sort of gyro balanced storage basket. Finally, the fact that we could not find pictures of a real spoke less bicycle online really sealed the deal.

Why not a electromagnetic levitation car?

Compare with the electromagnetic levitation train; if the guide way would be a giant circle; would not the train go in circle around that guide way. Now to help with my theory: Look at the spoke less bike! What is moving? The tire and the rim only, following the two top guide ways. So if you look at the section through the electromagnetic levitation rail. In a much smaller scale using your imagination. The train could be the tire on the rim. And the guide way could be a static inner wheel with an electromagnetic track all around it. A static wheel with an electromagnetic guide way all around it would be held together by a center static hollow shaft. All the wired connections to the electromagnetic guide way or track could be passing through that hollow shaft up to the required battery connections somewhere in the center of the vehicle.

Voila! You just created a no friction car wheel as per the electromagnetic levitation train

For frictionless brake power you need a system to reverse the polarity of the magnets, the same type of system that electromagnetic levitation trains are using now to stop there high speed trains. Except of course on a much smaller scale.

So here we are! A car with absolutely no friction, and power on every wheels! A strong silent fast car requiring practically no maintenance. (Of course you can add wipers on the inside of the windshield window to clean the due coming from your mouth while you imitate the sound of a standard car) I made a joke! I

That is as bad as the joke of a friend to the other friend:

How is your wife and my kids? Answer from his friend; the wife is OK but the kids kind of retards! You might say a car is to heavy for that trick Oh ya! What about the weight of a train. The other most needed particularity is speed. Since the axle is static, the rim with the tire would have to move fast. Are we or are we not in the right department! The speed of the electromagnetic levitation train is almost limitless. It has to be slowed down purposely, or else the people inside would fall apart.

Of course I am not a mechanical engineer or an electric engineer.

Just a mechanical designer. That is why I am just shooting this idea into the universe; hoping that somebody will take it seriously and study the possibilities of such a vehicle. This system works on a train. It would be ideal for heavy carrying trucks and other vehicles. We have here strength,speed, no friction; therefore long life vehicles. Now for the required battery power its better to leave that problem to electrical engineering. The batteries are getting better and better all the time.

So in a near future such a vehicle could be used all around the world. Remember: for the human mind which is of course a smaller part of the universal mind “nothing is impossible”

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