It is amazingly interesting where all the money goes when the US Government provides money to businesses, bailouts, spends money in Research and Development, or provides stimulus funding. Sometimes if you follow the flow of that money you have to ask yourself who on earth are we stimulating, and rather than making a really bad joke about the human scrotum here, let's just say, our stimulus promises to the American people leave a lot to be desired.

The Tesla American electric car company has been given a tremendous amount of money to help fund its startup. Apparently, the move to electric cars makes a lot of sense because it helps us remove ourselves from the dependence on foreign oil. But maybe those nations that are in the Middle East are hedging their bets, as the Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund invested heavily in its US car company Tesla electric motors.

In this case, we are stimulating wealthy Arabs, yet at the same time we claim that we are removing ourselves from their dependence. Kind of silly when you think about it, and yet, we have free trade policies in the United States that allow foreign investment, and that makes sense, however with the same company gets stimulus money, it does not quite make sense.

Interestingly enough, when Chrysler got an investment infusion from Fiat, it was learned that Libya owed a large stake in the company. These are all significantly bad situations. It's really not fair to the taxpayer. Additionally, it's not right for a capitalist nation to be bailing out companies anyway and maybe we really need to rethink what we're doing here.

We seem to be breaking all the rules, and doing everything for the wrong reasons. I am not one to go out and condemn anybody for trying to make a buck or any other foreign investors for wishing to make money, that's a good thing. Still, this is the interesting philosophical argument so I thought it bring a tear to get. Please consider it.


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