Light is quite an important requirement for your car since it provides light when required. However, they’re also used to make your car look more striking than before. However, drivers are very specific about how their cars replace original lights with new ones of their choice. The three main car light options are xenon, LED, and halogen. You need to know the differences between these options before you choose the right one for your car. If you see the size as the big feature of the light, you can click here for 9 inch driving lights.

Halogen lights

These types of lights can provide light for a substantial distance. These lights are considered a very popular type since it produces an extremely bright light. Along with that, these lights can last very long, which is another reason for their immense popularity. Though they are good at illuminating the whole road ahead, this type can waste a lot of energy, which may also cause it to heat up, which is its major drawback. Another drawback is, these lights can break easily when you replace them with the new bulbs.  However, these lights are considered the economical choice for the drivers who are quite budget-conscious about their cars.

LED lights

These types of lights are quite popular with many car owners. Although they’re quite small in size, they can be bought in attractive designs. One important feature of these lights is that they consume very little energy. On the other hand, they are fairly costly to buy. These lights would sometimes require installing a cooling system, as these more often tend to heat up. But one thing is confirmed, when you install these lights in your car, your profile image will get higher as these will add more good looks to your car and turn it into a fancier vehicle.


The lights of Xenon provide a quite high level of energy-efficiency. This type of light is more affordable in using compared to halogen and LEDs. But anything could hold against any product which is considered perfect by all means. The same goes for the Xenon. These are one of the brightest lights in competition, and these distract the driver’s vision who come across them. A high frequency of glare at night can create problems for the drivers in front. Even though these lights can last very long, they are a more expensive option than others. Because of Xenon lights’ immense brightness, drivers who drive on dirt or off-road at night prefer installing these lights the most.

The final say

So these are few options in car lights that have to be considered before you buy lights.

As a result of poor vision, the use of HID light bulbs has helped cut down the number of road accidents that usually happen during the night. The number has reduced by a big percentage, which is promising because the HID light provides a perfect vision, helping the driver see the lines clearly and avoid crossing the line.