When people decide to redo their living spaces, one of the first things they think about is the furniture. An outdated, saggy sofa can bring down the look of an entire room. It may be tempting to throw away the sofa and purchase a new one, but that is not always necessary. As long as the item is still structurally sound and the overall shape is not objectionable, it is possible to make some changes to the existing sofa that will make it look like new.

1. Reupholster

One of the most dramatic changes that can be made is reupholstering the sofa. The color, type and texture of the material can be swapped out for something that better fits the style of the room. Fixing sagging cushions can be done during the re-upholstering process, as the foam or filling can be fixed or replaced while the cushion covers are being worked on.

2. Replace Legs

Furniture legs can take a lot of punishment over the years. They can be nicked, scratched and even chewed on by animals. If the legs are able to be repaired, they can be painted or sanded and finished to look like new, but if they are in bad condition, it may be better to replace them entirely. Adding caster wheels may be a good idea, as it can make the sofa easier to move for cleaning purposes.

3. Paint

Sofas come in all shapes and styles, but many of them have surfaces that are not made of cloth or leather. Any exposed wood or metal can be refinished to match the pattern or color of the reupholstered sofa. Paint can be brushed or sprayed on in almost any color, and there are different textures to choose from as well.

4. Add Pillows

Fresh new pillows can quickly transform the look of a drab sofa. They can be bought at a local store, from an online shop or made by hand. Old pillows that have lost their luster can have stuffing added to perk them up and slipped into a cover for a new look.

Refinishing and reupholstering old furniture can be a fun way to create unique items that fit the style of the home. It can also be a good way to take items that are not part of a matching set and harmonize them together. Anyone who wants to update their sofa should consider all of their options before starting and may want to ask a professional for advice to ensure the best results.