The windshield of a car is not just a piece of glass; It is actually a safety device. Protecting the passengers and the driver from flying debris, dust and the elements, and manufactured out of glass which has been especially made, the windshield helps to also protect the vehicle itself. But despite the strength of a windshield it is still possible for it to become damaged, especially when traveling at a high speed. The smallest of rocks hitting the glass when the car is being driven fast can cause cracks or chips to occur, which have the potential of spreading and escalating into damage which can reduce the strength and integrity of the windshield, having the knock on effect of also reducing the ability of providing protection to the car's occupants.

It is not always necessary to have a complete windshield replacement carried out however, as the very often a simple repair will suffice. This will depend greatly on how much damage there is to the glass as well as the placement of it. If the damage is relatively small and there are no issues or problems being caused to the visibility of the driver then in most cases a windshield repair will be enough. This would usually be carried out by an auto glass technician who will make sure that any air is removed from the church by using special equipment, and then a gel which is quick-setting will be used to fill the chip in. This gel can take up to half an hour to completely dry, but when completed the windshield will be as good as new. As a finishing touch the technician will make sure that the damaged area is polished and that there are no small scratches or imperfections left behind.

When the damage is too much to be repaired a windshield replacement will become necessary, and once again it is normally the case that an auto glass technician will carry out the work. Prior to starting the windshield replacements the technician will make sure that all exterior fittings, such as the windshield wipers and the wing mirrors are removed, and this is to ensure all that they do not get damaged during the replacement process. The technician will also make sure that any vents are sealed so that's debris and dust is not able to enter the engine compartment or the radiator. It is because of all these smaller details being so crucial that the majority of vehicle owners will employ the services of a professional windshield replacement company rather than try to do the work themselves, as it is too easy to make mistakes which can cost more money and time to put right.