The first generation of the Caldina Wagon was unveiled in its native Japan in 1992 and was a five door wagon or commercial van style that was a four door known as the Toyota Corona in Japan. This model had the new independent rear suspension to provide for a smoother ride over rougher roads. The commercial version had a traditional leaf spring suspension design.

In 1997 the next generation of Caldina Wagons was released. These came equipped with a sport package as an option. The GT-T models came with a turbocharged engine that produced a very impressive 256 horsepower, and an all wheel set up. In 2000, Toyota gave the Caldina Wagon a minor redesign in regards to the interior and bumpers.

Toyota introduced the third generation Caldina Wagon in 2002, and it was unveiled as a pure sports wagon. It was unique in all its design features, not sharing any things like the body panels that were shared with the Allion, Premio and the Avensis on previous Caldina versions. When Toyota discontinued the Celica, the Caldina Wagon became one of Toyotas sportiest vehicles.

Finding a used Toyota Cresta could prove somewhat difficult because of the fact that they were primarily sold in their native Japan. Although they were available in other markets and went under the name if he Cressida in the North American market place. Built with all the same high quality standards that you have come to expect with the Toyota name, the Cresta is no exception.

When searching for a used Cresta, it is wise to start by going online where you will have hundreds of different available options right at you finger tips. The over all longevity of the Cresta brand name is what attracts a lot of consumers to them, and especially to the used variety.

It is recommended that any used Cresta that you may be looking into buying be accompanied by all its service and maintenance records. By having a complete history of the vehicle, you will be able to spot any past problems that may end up costing you a fortune in repair bills. Not only should you be aware of past mechanical problems, but also any and all accidents that the Cresta may been involved in. Once a vehicle has been in any type of accident, whether it's a Cresta, Corolla or a Lexus, it should be noted that they tend have many more future problems.

So by going out and doing your homework when looking for that used Cresta, yo will save yourself many headaches and costly future repair bills. If you do locate what appears to be solid used Cresta, most of the time because of Toyotas commitment ot over all quality, you'll realize years of worry free driving.