As our cars age, they have a tendency to experience sagging in the headliner part. This sagging usually happens within 10 years from when you first made the car purchase.

You will notice the sagging headliner in its early stages of deterioration. You can find some bubbles that might be visible from your rear view mirror. If this is the case, you need to recognize that you are now faced with a repair problem.

Stay away from the temporary headliner fixes. There are people who opt to use thumbtacks to fix this problem only to painfully find out that this is not a good solution at all. Adhesives have also been used as a solution but the thing is that these are not long-lasting and they wear out after a couple of days.

The only fix that you can do for this problem is to replace the headliner completely. After all, you have been using the old one for about ten years. A replacement is surely a worthy expense. It is, however, quite an expensive thing to do since most people opt to go for the help of a professional installer.

There are repair kits that come with a foam cloth and the necessary adhesive. The car repair professional will proceed to remove the trim that keeps the old headliner in place. All the foam will have to be removed because the new headliner has to have a clean material to be glued onto. Once the surface has been cleaned well, it is just a matter of installing the new headliner that you have purchased.

Stay away from the temporary solutions that leave you with a subpar result. Go for the necessary expense since this is mostly good for the long run anyway. If you think that hiring the professional is too costly, you can always try to do it yourself.