The Lutec 1000 Free Energy Machine is purported to be the world’s first commercial device of this type. Who are the brains behind this machine and does it really live up to that claim? How else can you benefit from this technology and quit paying your power bills? Read below to find out now. Please note: I have no connection to the Lutec company whatsoever.

What Is The Lutec 1000?

The Lutec 1000 is an energy amplifier machine that generates up to 10 times the amount of electricity that is fed into it. It is the result of several years of development since the inventors first came to public attention, back in 2001.

The “1000” in the name signifies that the machine can generate up to 1,000 Watts (1 kilowatt) of electricity.

Who Made It?

The brains behind this invention are Australian engineers, John Christie and Lou Brits. In 2001, they showed off an earlier prototype to the world, before they had a chance to obtain patents and get the machine independently verified to satisfy investors.

How Does It Work?

The Lutec 1000 is a variant (one of many) of a zero point energy generator. These are devices that convert the forces due to magnetism (from permanent magnets) into mechanical motion. Converting this mechanical motion into electricity is a very simple final step that is commonly seen in any kind of generator.

It is able to do this thanks to zero point, a fringe area of physics that was studied by Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, the “grandfather of electricity”.

Contrary to what some people say, these device are not “perpetual motion machines”. Bearings, wiring and magnets need to be replaced or reconditioned periodically. It is more accurate to call this an energy amplifier machine.

Is It On Commercial Sale?

The Lutec 1000 has had patents granted in 60 countries but is still not on commercial sale yet. How long that will be remains to be seen. In August last year (2010), the inventors anticipated that it could be available in two years. My personal feeling is that this is optimistic and we are looking at the best part of 5 years before anyone can order the Lutec 1000.

How Else Can I Generate My Own Free Electricity?

Though the Lutec 1000 has taken years to develop, it is entirely possible to construct a much simpler device yourself. Within a few days, you can have your own device up and running, suitable for domestic use.

I strongly recommend you invest a nominal amount (around $50) in a good set of instructional plans. If you follow such a plan to the letter then you can be up and running and no longer paying your power bill within a few days. If you prefer to go it alone then you could be spending years on your project, much like the inventors of the Lutec 1000.


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