Mercedes-Benz is well known for their luxury vehicles. In order to keep up with their competitors they must work hard to create the ultimate cars that offer comfort, performance, and power that consumers will want to take advantage of. One of their most successful model is the C-Class. In order to make sure that this trend continued engineers at Mercedes-Benz worked long hours to build a virtual prototype of the new 2008 C-Class.

They created 2130 gigabytes of information and also used computer simulations to test every detail of the new car. The "spec book" was 360 pages long and covered the level of comfort that the new could offer. And this was just one out of 250 component spec books that was made. The engineers would 'drive' the virtual car on the 'road' and 'highways' to see how it would perform. This saved them both time and money.

Never before have we seen Mercedes take such care as to the type of model that they are producing. They took the time and practice to make sure that every detail was right and every thing was the way that it should be. In the end they created a car that consumers could enjoy and would want to trade in their old cars for.

In order to make sure that the car would be available for almost any type of consumer they created the 2008 C-Class in two models; sport and luxury. Each of these models come with their own special trim levels, front end treatments, and suspension tuning. The car – which went on sale over the summer was available in two luxury models and one sport model.

The C300 Luxury model was equipped with a 3.0 liter V6 engine that has the ability to push out 228 horsepower. It comes with your choice of all wheel or rear wheel drive. The C350 Luxury model is equipped with a larger 3.5 liter V6 engine that has the ability to push out 268 horsepower.

The C300 Sport model is equipped with the same engine as the C350 Luxury and also has a short throw six-speed manual transmission. Both luxury models are equipped with the current seven speed automatic gearbox.

Each of the models are equipped with adaptive damping referred to as Agility Control, new hydraulic shock system, and the new Adaptive Brake and Pre-Safe systems. The interior has also been remodeled and is very similar to their more high end models. The base price starts at $ 35,000 to $ 40,000.