Fusion is a process in which human hair extensions are added to the ends of your natural hair strand by strand. This process is one of the most permanent forms of hair extension installation, lasting anywhere from three to six months with proper maintenance. When applying this semi-permanent weave, the stylist attaches each strand of the human hair to the end of your natural hair, extending the length and thickness of your hair.

Two Types of Fusion Applications

Hot fusion. In this technique, a hot fusion connector is used to bond the hair to the root of your natural hair. The hot fusion technique can last up to six months with proper care. This technique is best for those with strong, thick hair that can withstand the weight of both the hair and the glue.

Cold fusion The cold fusion technique uses a keratin-based polymer and ultrasound device to bond the human hair extension to the ends of your natural strand. This is a newer technique, and is more gentle to the natural follicle, preserving your natural hair and preventing damage. Many women who wear cold fusion weaves report that they have a more natural feel.

Benefits of Fusion Weaves

Unlike sewn in or bonded weaves, there are no tracks, wefts, braids or nets with a fusion weave. You can run your hands through your hair, just as you would your natural hair. The fusion weave typically lasts several months, but with proper maintenance, can last up to a year.

Human Hair for Fusion Weaves

The hair you choose for your weave is specific for the technique, and should be purchased from a reputable online retailer. Your supplier should specialize in Indian hair extensions. There are two types of extensions that you can buy for your weave. Make sure you purchase quality Indian human hair that will last for the duration of your weave.

I-tipped” or “shoelace tipped” extensions are the most commonly used type of extensions for fusion hair weaves. These strands of human hair have a tip on the end that make the bonding process possible. The keratin tips are easily removed and prevent hair damage during and after the weaving process. I-tipped extensions are most often used in cold fusion methods.

“U-tipped” or “nail tipped” extensions are made from the finest italian keratin, and allow for the easy bonding of the human hair extension to the ends of your natural hair strand. They are easily removed and don’t cause damage to the hair.