“There must be 50 ways to leave your lover.” Not sure how to break up with your boyfriend? Breaking up made easy. The article gives you 3 break up tips based on his personality type.

So it’s time to call it a day. How do you go about giving your boyfriend the dreaded news that you don’t want to see him anymore? Breaking up with someone is never easy. While you have already made up your mind, often for the other the news is coming like a bolt out of the blue. The best way to break up is to determine his personality type and then follow this break up advice.

1: Mr Ego (I’m too sexy). At first, you couldn’t believe your luck at snagging this hot guy. All your friends were jealous of you dating this Adonis. He even has beautiful manners and is polite to your parents. However, now you have come to realize that those drop dead gorgeous looks come at a price and that this guy is Mr High Maintenance. He has more visits to the beauty counter than you, and visits the hair stylist on a regular basis to maintain that trendy do. His life really revolves around himself and his image. Deep down, he’s really superficial.

The send off: The best way to dump this walking mirror is straight up. Tell him you don’t like doing what he does and that you have different interests. Fundamentally, you don’t think you have anything in common, except perhaps for product. Not only will you be fare welling this shallow creature but you may decrease the size of his ego as well.

2: Mr Nice Guy (Get a life). This guy has been the perfect boyfriend. He sends you flowers, watches chick flicks happily, accompanies you to the mall willingly, and even likes your friends. His mantra is “anything you want to do is fine with me”. Now you are getting tired of him not having a mind of his own and feeling a bit like you want your own space. There is no challenge in this relationship. Don’t just keep dating this guy because he is too nice to hurt, or you will just end up not being able to stand him. This won’t make you the world’s nicest girlfriend.

The send off: Breaking up with this too nice guy can be really hard. He is so nice that you don’t want to hurt his feelings. You can’t just say to him “you are so nice you are making me sick”. You have to break up with this guy gently. Whatever you do, don’t say “it’s not you, it’s me”. This guy deserves better than that. You could try a line like “you deserve someone better than me” or “it’s not a good time for me to have a boyfriend” or ‘I really like you, but the chemistry just isn’t right”. Whatever you say, try to be kind but firm. This sort of personality can make a great guy pal so try to convert him into a platonic friend.

3: Mr Insecure (Mr Needy). Initially, you thought he was the one. You fell for each other hard. He was perfect. He was your soul mate. You were sooo in love with each other. Utterly smitten. He was totally besotted with you to start with. Everything was perfect. Now, you have noticed you spend all your time with him and you can’t remember the last time you saw your friends. Your soul mate is not being quite so affectionate with you and has started getting a bit terse as well. Lately, he has even started saying he is the best thing you are ever going to get. This guy’s method of operation is to lure you in and then have you so dependent on him that you are frightened to leave him. He has removed you from everyone else to isolate you. This guy is terribly insecure and it is time to break up before he totally does your head in. If you stick with this guy, pretty soon he will have you believing that you are lucky that even he tolerates you.

The send off: Treat this guy with kid gloves when you break up. This guy is most likely to put on an Oscar winning performance of tears and remorse. He will promise to change. He won’t. The best way to deal with him is to tell him you are not ready for such a level of commitment. Ignore his pleading. Don’t give him a second chance because the relationship will only deteriorate further.

Other classic kiss offs: If you can’t determine his personality, or none seem appropriate, you can always try one of these well used lines to dump him.

“I want to get married and have your babies.” Guaranteed to never see him again.

“I have decided I prefer girls.” Drastic statement that works well.

“My family disapproves and will disown me if I continue to see you.” Really?

“I have met someone else.” Even if you haven’t, this is very final sounding.

Be strong. Steel yourself. You have decided it’s time to break up. Use these break up tips to your advantage. Now go find a better boyfriend!