Have you lost your job just recently? Knocking your heads off on where to get cash? Here is the answer: federal grants. Many Americans who are wallowing in debt problems are pinning their hopes on the government’s stimulus program. This program includes a scheme to award cash grants to individuals which they can use to repay debts. What specifically is a federal grant? In 2008, as soon as the world financial crisis came like a tsunami in the United States, knocking off big businesses and putting many Americans on the heels of bankruptcy, the government has been trying out ways to cushion the impact of the crisis. When President Barack Obama took over, he immediately asked congress to allocate billions of dollars for his stimulus package. One of the highlights of this congressional act is the passage of a bailout scheme for people buried in mortgage and credit card debt. Funding assistance was allowed to be given to citizens who ask for the grant.

The solution proved to be effective as many people began to recover their businesses and income started to flow. Low-income families who could not afford to pay for their mortgage were saved from being kicked out with the government’s mortgage assistance program. The debt consolidation program was also obtained by many middle income citizens who are neck-deep in credit card debt. The package has not only saved them from litigation but has also liberated them out of sleepless nights. For many, it is like being freed from chains of debt repayment and walking away in high spirits.

The nearest public library or any government office can be approached anytime during office hours to get more information about the debt relief grant. There is absolutely no need for stringent paper requirement. All you need to present is something that will certify you as 18 years old and above and an American citizen. While processing may take some days or weeks, it will be all worth the wait when you finally take hold of your check. The amount may range, depending on how much you need, but the grant may reach up to $10,000. This is all given for free by the government, no repayments, and no collateral.