When it comes to website traffic there is always a trendy way to get the traffic. The guru’s like to promote the trendy ways even though a lot of them are not that effective. I want to show you why Twitter is not the best way you should get traffic to your site.

Reason #1:

You can’t automate the traffic from Twitter. You always have to add friends and remove people & deal with spam… The other thing is – you always have to be posting things to keep people reading your stuff.

That is not for me and nor should it be for you! You want traffic strategies that you can use that are 100% automated and that will work to grow your business without your efforts. Twitter is not like that.

Reason #2:

Twitter is too new to know if it will still work long term. Everyone thought sites like MySpace were the future of the Internet and that they would grow to take over everything. Everyone rushed out to create knock offs of that site.

Now it is not the site it once was and people are not trying to knock it off as much any more. The reason is this – times change and when they do – trendy traffic generation strategies go down the tube fast.

People are into things as long as they are new. Eventually they get old and people move onto the next great thing…

Stick with what works and you will succeed. As well – you will be able to do it with automated traffic!