Getting married is an important step in your life. As you plan to say your vows, there are so many decisions to be made. One of the decisions you need to make is where to hold the reception. There may be plenty of banquet halls in your town or city, but you want to find the best one possible to hold your special event in.

Before you start physically going out and looking at banquet halls in your area, set a budget for the amount you can spend on the venue you wish to use. Knowing how much you have to spend will help you to stay within the range that you can afford and will serve as a guideline. Some banquet halls are all-inclusive and more costly, while others ones will include certain items and not others. Find out what is included in the ones you are interested in.

The food that will be served is a large aspect of a wedding reception. Food needs to be a consideration when considering the halls that would make the best venues for your wedding celebration. You will discover that some banquet halls offer their own food services while others do not and that means you would have to hire outside caterers. When you place a call to the places that interest you, discuss with them what type of services they provide.

If you would prefer to use the catering facilities that are offered to you at the hall, find out from the event coordinator what type of menu plan they provide. A venue may have a wide assortment of choices that they can make available to you. You can select what you wish and custom design the menu yourself. Bear in mind though that for the privilege of doing this, you will pay more.

You also need to decide how you want to decorate the reception hall for the big event. Some facilities will supply basic decorations for you to transform the area as you wish. For example, they may be able to provide you with place settings and table coverings. Other types of decorations you may have to find yourself at a different location. Ask others where you can purchase or rent wedding decorations for a fair price.

When you are visiting various banquet halls to rent for your reception, the ones that are touted as all-inclusive may be an option worth learning more about. Many of the all-inclusive ones provide transportation to and from the hall for the newly married couple and may even do so for the wedding party. The event professionals who work for the hall can offer you guidance and assistance when planning all of the details for your special day.