Changes in Windows 8 compared to the former versions of Windows operating system, one feature that Microsoft has decided to drop in Windows 8 is the availability of Gadgets. Gadgets are useful for a lot of functions, such as keeping an eye on the weather, your new emails, or the current CPU and memory usage of your computer.  lack of gadgets in Windows 8 is certainly something that will be greatly missed. If you open the Desktop Gadgets gallery on the Windows website, a notice put up by Microsoft says that Gadgets are no longer available.

However, if you have some favorite gadgets 8GadgetPack is a tool for Windows 8 that installs the Gadget application from Windows 7 onto your Windows 8 machine. It has a built-in collection of Gadgets, and also lets you add and use more gadgets from your personal collection. gadgets that you would like to use even after upgrading to Windows 8, we found a third party application that allows you to do exactly t

When you try to install ,  SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8 warns you about the installation because it is a 3rd party app which is not recognized by Windows. A Simple workaround is click the More info button, then select the Run Anyway button to continue with the installation.


Gadgets included:

  • 7 Sidebar – Helmut Buhler
  • Agenda – Ronnie
  • All CPU Meter –
  • App Launcher – Dean Laforet
  • Calendar – Microsoft
  • Clipboarder – Helmut Buhler
  • Clock – Microsoft
  • Control System –
  • CPU Meter – Microsoft
  • Currency – Microsoft
  • Reminder – dahi24
  • DriveInfo – Kris Thompson
  • Drives Meter –
  • Feed Headlines – Microsoft
  • Glassy CPU Monitor – Helmut Buhler
  • Google Mail – Orbmu2k
  • MiniRadio – Ronnie
  • Multi Meter – SFkilla
  • My Weather – Pat Possible
  • Network Monitor II – Igor M. Bushin
  • Picture Puzzle – Microsoft
  • Power Status – Orbmu2k
  • Slide Show – Microsoft
  • Sticky Notes Online – SharPra
  • Top Five – Orbmu2k
  • Volume Control – Orbmu2k
  • Weather – Microsoft
  • Webradio Sidebar Gadget – Florian Enders

8GadgetPack is available for  32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

Download 8GadgetPack