When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift options for men, women often spend hours racking their brains trying to find the perfect gift idea. Although it may be surprising, many men enjoy some of the same things that women do, such as body lotion and natural soap. They even enjoy bath salt and spa gift baskets as well. Even if you don’t think this may be a good idea at first, or that your man won’t be into them, look at them as gifts for the both of you to enjoy together, and now it may make more sense.

As we all know, Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t just for women, however getting a gift that both men and women can enjoy together, is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day and this makes for the best romantic gifts.

Spa gift baskets will have body lotion and oils that the both of you can enjoy using on yourselves and each other. Natural soap is something men usually enjoy too, especially if it is scented sexy or with passion. Not to mention the benefits natural soap offers since it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that normal soaps have, and they usually have lighter fragrances as well. Sexy Scents are those with Eucalyptus and or Sandalwood.

Top of our list of Valentine Gifts for Him: Spa Gift Baskets, with bath salt! I purposely didn’t say bubbles. Again research shows the top ingredient that makes bubbles bubble is highly drying to the skin and cancerous. You don’t need to be drying out your skin in the month of February when it is already in desperate need of moisture. And why on earth would you want to give yourself cancer, knowingly?

Many Spa Gift baskets also include Bath Salt. A great way to spend your Valentine’s Day holiday together is by taking a warm bath, and nothing is more relaxing that soaking in the tub with bath salt. We highly recommend Bath salt with Eucalyptus. Research finds Eucalyptus is the number one scent worldwide for both men and women, therefore it is the most inviting of scents to choose for a bath for two.

Using a bath salt made from pure authentic Dead Sea Salt will also help to feed your skin without drying it out. In fact Bath salt made from pure Dead Sea is the only bath salt available that is completely non drying! So be mindful when choosing your spa gift basket so your skin will remain healthy, youthful and glowing- keeping both of you younger looking and sexy longer.

Next from that spa gift basket, lotion or massage oil. Use the lotion and or massage oil on each other- continue the scent and continue the mood!

Trying to come up with a gift idea for a man may take a little time, and a little more thought, but it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with something inviting. If you are truly stumped, some other things that the both of you will be able to enjoy are aroma therapy candles (light them while soaking in the bath), lingerie (for use after the bath), or a relaxing evening at a nice restaurant (yes, this one is for before the bath). Sometimes all a man wants is a home cooked meal (in place of the restaurant), and if that’s what your man wants, than that works fine too.

I recall one year- I home cooked for my man to save some money, and set up a card table in a separate room, added a table-cloth and some fancy flowers and pretended we were in Italy for Valentine’s Day. he was clueless of my planning until he arrived home for dinner. And yes, for desert- I served the chocolate he bought me in a bath for two.

Did you catch a warm bath for two, might be your best Valentine Gift Solution for your man? Hope so!