Over the years I have owned and ridden many other makes of motorcycles in all engine sizes. None of them had the look, feel, ride or sound that I get from my 2004 Harley Davidson Sportster. Now I’m not a Harley owner that’s knocking other brands either, I still own an older Yamaha 650 that I will probably never part with. I bought my Sportster because I like the bikes style, the low center of gravity, the rumble of the exhaust and riding it. I purchased it new in 2004 and before doing so I did a little reading on what the bike is all about, how it works and what it can and can’t do. I take pride in owning it and have it serviced from top to bottom every six months and plan on keeping it for at least the next ten years. The best part about that is years down the road when and if I do decide to sell it, I will probably get what i paid for it.

Years back Harley Davidson had a bad reputation for reliability and quality. Today if you take a good look at the fit and finish of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, I think you will be impressed. The paint, chrome and style all show excellent workmanship. As far as engine and drive train reliability go, my 2004 now has over six thousand miles on it and has never needed an engine repair, proper service at regular intervals pay off. If you can not afford to maintain a motorcycle properly then don’t buy one.

As far as resale value, the Harley Davidson models may cost more at original purchase than other makes but have a proven track record of selling at higher prices used than comparable makes. I know from past experience that on the Sportster models you own it for a number of years, take good care of it and sell it for just about what you paid for it. See you in August at Sturgis!