The Super Bowl

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Every one, get ready for the greatest super bowl ever.  Cleveland. Detroit and Houston, pay attention.

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It wa the Saints that made it too the thier first super bowl on sunday by getting through a though game with Minnesota 31-28 in overtime. As the New Orleans Saints cornerback Tracy Porter (22) intercepted a pass by Brett Favre from the Minnesota Vikings quarterback sending the saints through the  NFC Championship Game in New Orleans on Sunday. Are you ready for the 2010 SUPER BOWL?

The Odds on the saints winnering are high. Now New Orleans can now claim to be amoung those in the  NFL – who have been too the Super Bowl?

Now they have a chance to write thier names in history by winning the 2010 super bowl. But will they Win that is the question?

A fumbling performace on sunday will not be enough. They won 31-28 in overtime. They will face the Indianapolis Colts, who although they fell behing the New York Jets, there come back ability is great. They scored 24 points in the final ;part  of the AFC Championship Game.

So much for resting players, the Super Bowl teams better get ready for the finals.

Will that be your team? Only time will tell.

Percy Harvin. Harvin will miss out on a return to the scene of his last college game.

New Orleans vs. Indianapolis.

Let the game begin.