SoundGecko lets you time-shift listening to the articles you want to read when you have a free moment, like when you are driving to work, riding public transport or walking in the park. SoundGecko for WP7 has been constructed as a really simple app, and comes with just two main sections. The Popular list in independent of your SoundGecko account, and features audio files that are currently trending on SoundGecko. My List presents everything that you mailed to SoundGecko or bookmarked via the service’s Chrome extension. The app supports background play, and you get the audio controls for the current clip in the top volume bar of your phone. SoundGecko for WP7 organizes your list in chronological order, and you can refresh your audio feeds with a single tap of the button located in the bottom bar.

Hands free, eyes free

SoundGecko is a text-to-audio transcribing service that lets you enjoy written content from around the web on the go.

Give your eyes a rest and listen to articles by simply sending an email or pressing a button in your browser.

Listen to what you want

Don’t waste time listening to the news or sport scores you don’t care about.

Follow your interests by listening to the websites and blogs you want to read. Whether that might be a popular technology news or a niche food blog, it’ll work with SoundGecko.

Multi-task like a boss

Get things done and stay up to date with useful news and information at the same time.

Listen while you drive to work, ride public transport, have a coffee, take a run, excerise at the gym, wait in queue, enjoying the sunset.

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