Are Men That Wear Flannel Shirts More Attractive To Women?

Are you a guy who wonders if women prefer certain types of clothing over another? If you want to know what many women think about the flannel shirt look, keep reading. As a woman, I observe men and their clothing choices all the time. There really is a difference in the way I perceive a guy wearing a traditional plaid flannel shirt versus the way I perceive one wearing a sports-logo t-shirt or a Hawaiian beach print top.

What A Man’s Shirt Says To A Woman

Okay, guys. Here is the reality of your clothing choices through a woman’s eyes. Just like men perceive a woman’s level of social standing, attractiveness and self-esteem by the way she looks, we ladies do the same when we look at you. We can guess what you might do for a living simply by looking at your clothes.

We may think you are a couch potato, x-box, potato chips and beer kind of guy from your sports-logo t-shirt even if you are the powerful C.E.O. of a major corporation. Men who wear white, starched and button-down dress shirts look like office workers to us. Polo shirts with the Ralph Lauren logo on the pocket makes us think preppy or athletic.

Enter the man wearing a traditional plaid shirt in flannel. What do I really think first hand? I think rugged. I think country roads and the self-made land-owner. A man who can tame wild horses. The great outdoors. Camping and log cabins. Rustic furniture, tall pine trees and a loyal dog in the back of a pick-up truck. A guy that can get dirty and isn’t afraid of hard work. An honest, old-fashioned guy who would go out of his way to help a stranded stranger or offer neighborly hospitality with a smile.

The Allure Of Men Wearing Flannel Shirts Is Real

Why do some women find plaid flannel shirting so attractive? For the reasons stated above. It is not the fabric we are crazy about. It is the man behind the plaid. His belief system is attractive to women who are into a more traditional way of life. Men who wear flannel shirts live by their own code. They refuse to be what others think they should be and won’t dress that way to please somebody else. They  are not exactly rebels. They are rugged individualists. They don’t feel the need to conform to any dress code mandated by some fancy, expensive designer.

The Rugged Individualist Can Be Very Attractive To Women

Let’s face it, men who know what they want and have the courage to stand by their convictions are very sexy to women. Deep down inside, no woman wants an indecisive man. It is that rugged quality that makes so many women swoon. The flannel man cares nothing about designer labels. He demands to feel comfortable in his own skin. That kind of confidence is indeed sexy to a woman.

When a guy chooses flannel, he is wearing something that millions of hard-working men before him have chosen as their shirt of choice. It has been a tradition for hundreds of years. Men who are secure enough to steer clear of fashion fads are seen as more stable, level-headed and wise.

Are Men Who Wear Flannel Shirts Seen As More Masculine?

The wearing of flannel shirts as the preferred garment for outdoorsy and rugged men has its roots in the building of great nations like this one. When you learn more about this fabric you will see that it is the perfect choice for any man who wants to feel comfortable no matter what he is doing. That is the key. Practical value for the money. Comfort at all costs.

If the shirt doesn’t feel good, he isn’t going to wear it. Period. Flannel gets better and better after repeated washings. It is a wonderful fabric for shirts. Do these shirts make a man look more masculine? Let’s just say that the clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the clothes. However, the rugged vibe a flannel shirt gives off is very masculine and very, very alluring to many women. Try one and see.

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