Self Image is the Key to Success Let Hypnosis Help

For the last 23 years, being involved in personal development, I have witnessed time and time again, the cause of failure to be a damaged self image. Even in my own life I have seen that self image is everything. A poor self image will cause more destruction in your life than a tornado! Like wise a positive self image results in success after success after success.

Your self image is merely a set of beliefs that you hold to be true about yourself. If you believe you are inadequate at something then you will hold this belief in your self image. It is really how you see yourself and how you believe you fit into the world.

Beliefs can be changed, especially through mind programming tools such as hypnosis. So, if your self image determines how much success or failure you encounter and it is composed only of beliefs, and beliefs can be changed then it is obvious you can change your self image!

People who achieve success in life have a strong sense of themselves. They have a positive self image that reinforces their efforts. Conversely, those people who always seem to fail, no matter how hard they try, have low self esteem and a self image that is far less than who they actually are. They believe that they are not good enough!

The purpose of things like personal development, self improvement and even psychology is to alter your own self perception. They are designed to build up your self esteem, self confidence and change your self image. They are structured in a way to help you improve your self image. Because self image is everything!

Have you ever seen a very physically attractive person who catches your eye then after spending some time with them you find them much less desirable? Likewise, have you ever met a person who is not classically beautiful or handsome yet they radiate a charm and self confidence that makes them very attractive and desirable?

If you feel attractive inside then you will project this on the outside. Your self image will be of an attractive person regardless of how you look physically. Whatever you hold in mind really does become true for you. Your self image is just a set of beliefs that you hold in mind about yourself and your beliefs can be changed!

Your self image determines not only how you interact with other people but it also determines how you interact with the world and your environment. Take Donald Trump, the billionaire who owns a large portion of Manhattan. Are you aware that Trump has went from riches to being broke more than once? How did he build back his wealth? You might believe that it was because he had contacts in the business world, still retained his financial knowledge and the skills required to rebuild his empire that he achieved this. However, his greatest assest was his self image. Trump retained a self image of a billionaire. Therefore, no matter how many times he loses his money, as long as he believes himself to be a billionaire, he will regain his wealth! One of the times when he was broke his bank wanted to recall his debts. When they came to meet him not only did he ensure they waited for his repayment but he also ensured they gave him more money so that he could continue living the lifestyle of a billionaire. He convinced those men that he was still capable of making huge sums of money because he held the self image of a billionaire. He refused to live anything other than a billionaire’s lifestyle!

If you program your mind to hold beliefs that you are a person who succeeds at everything you do then your conscious and unconscious actions will be of a person who succeeds. This gives you persistence. You will not stop at a task or undertaking until you succeed at it. When you start to build the belief that you are physically, menatlly and emotionally attractive then you will project this to everyone you meet. You will exude charisma and that certain something that is elusive to others but which they can sense.

So how do you change your beliefs about yourself and build a strong supportive self image. There are numerous ways. However, one of the most successful methods is hypnosis or self hypnosis. By entering a state of relaxation positive statements can be given to the subconscious mind which it takes as a literal truth. Your subconscious mind will then ensure that your unconscious behaviour reflects these new beliefs. The changes you make can be almost effortless.

Identify all those things in your life that you feel could use some improvement. Ask yourself how you fit into these areas in your life. How do you feel about yourself as regards these areas? Are your efforts to change these areas adequate, below average or terrible? Do you believe you are the type of person who is capable of making changes in these areas and creating situations and circumstances that are more desirable?

When you see which areas of your self image need improving you can begin to change the beliefs that lie behind them. Think of some people who already live the life you want. How do you think they view themselves? Visualize yourself with those qualities. Create a mental picture of this person and place them directly in front of you. Now in your mind’s eye walk into this person’s body. Feel how it feels to be this confident and this self assured. Bask in that feeling. Perform this simple exercise for 30 days and watch what happens to your behaviour, your world and your relationships. Begin today to emulate the beliefs of those you admire and build a self image that is similar or even more positive than theirs and you will have all that they have and more!

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