The “Chromebook Pixel” video — which has been taken down from YouTube but is still available in other places — was actually created by a company called Slinky.Me and if the video is real, the Chromebook is touch enabled and according to Beaufort, has a a screen resolution of 2560 x 1700.The clip is made to look like an official Google commercial for the product; Slinky.Me claims its servers were hacked and that’s how the video got published. “Slinky.Me” has made several Google-related videos that appear to imitate official ads, like one that focuses on the Chrome browser (complete with broken English and punctuational errors) and another that focuses on Chromebooks (featuring an on-screen graphic that misspells the word “SUCCESS”).

Update: Google Chromebook Pixel has been officially launched by Google : Visit this link for more details and pricing info