It’s hard to find a good motivational quote site. Some of them are good, but most are just a little boring. And some are just plain weird and unfriendly.

But the boring quote sites are in the majority and that is very strange. By boring I mean to say the quality of the quotes on many sites are empty, bland, and some are pretty useless.

Too many such sites focus on the quantity of their quotes and not the quality. Some of the top quote sites just throw up any old quotes. Personally, I think that the purpose of a motivational quote site is that the quotes there should be motivational! They should be hart-hitting, deep, and should resonate with you. In short, they should be good quotes!

Another problem with all the “We have the most quotes in the world!” sites is with the very benefit they claim. Do you want to read through 10,000 quotes in order to find 100 good ones? Some of these sites even gloat that they have 40 or 50 thousand quotations on them; so what? Do you really want to read all of them?

NO. The solution to this is that you need to find a site that has taken some of the best quotes from all those huge sites and abridged them all into one place. In short, find a quote site that has good quotes!

Yes, of course it makes sense that not everyone will like every single quote out there, but some sites are happy to provide a lesser amount of quotes as long as they are some of the best ones out there. You can’t win them all, but you have got to agree that reading through 500 quotes and finding 300 really good ones is a better experience than the alternative.