When the time has come and you have decided the time has come to buy your first house or simply upgrade to a new house, it is important to be aware of your best options. Many people spend years searching for the house of their dreams because they are not aware of the advantages that come with working with a buyer’s agent. Many people are only aware of the benefits of real estate selling agents and do not even think twice about searching for their own on their own without professional help. Below are the top 10 reasons why you should always work with a buyer’s agent throughout the entire purchasing process.

1.The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a powerful tool that only buyer’s agents have access to. Generally what happen is a real estate agent will place their homes for sale through this listing service and spread the word to buyer’s agent to help them get the word out to interested buyers like you. This database shows homes listed by multiple real estate corporations which gives you far more access to what is for sale and the inside details you can never get on your own.

2.Although driving from neighbourhood to neighbourhood is a great way to learn which areas you prefer, it is not very time efficient. By choosing to work with a buyer’s agent you can give them your preferences and your likes and dislikes so they can search through the market and provide you with a great list of homes to look at. This saves your valuable time and keeps you on more narrow searching grounds.

3.Selling agents are used to help the seller of the home make sure their best interests are always accounted for and as a buyer without representation your best interests go overlooked and may even be ignored completely. Your buyer’s agent will help make sure that you are entering the best deal possible and the house is sound and ready for you to move in immediately.

4.The MLS that your buyer’s agent has access to not only lists the different homes that are for sale but also their prices. From here your buyer’s agent can run a comparative market price check and therefore determine the market value of this home in comparison to their asking price. This is information only a buyer’s agent can get for you and can really help you see what you are buying.

5.A buyer’s agent has the buying experience you do not have as they assist in a house purchase at least 3-4 times a month.

6.They also have the industry contacts to keep you and your interests inside the loop which is how many of the best homes are sold before they even hit the public market.

7.Your home is the biggest purchase you will ever make and your buyer’s agent can provide you with the piece of mind that you are entering the best deal possible because they are the professionals to guide you.

8.Receiving professional advice along the way can help you avoid buying run down homes that need work and really see what homes are good and which are lemons.

9.Purchasing your first home can be a fun and exciting process and your buyer’s agent can help you stay focused and see the big picture.

10.Your buyer’s agent can help your establish your budget and make you aware of the hidden costs that are always involved in the home buying process so there are no surprises for you throughout the process.