Cruises For Singles – Having a Blast in Your Singles Cruise


If you are single and you want to meet new people while at the same time have a fun and relaxing adventure out in the sea, then a singles cruise is the perfect vacation for you. These trips are specially tailored for unmarried people who want to indulge in a tranquil ocean atmosphere. There are also many activities aboard the ship such as luncheons, cocktail mixers, dance parties and sports fests which aim to bring together people who are eager to make new friends.

Choose a voyage that is exclusively for you:
The first step to take in planning your voyage is to look for a ship company that offers cruise packages exclusively for people of such marital status. This must be explicitly stated in the tour description so you will know the activities that may await you aboard the ship.

Make your bookings online:
Websites of companies often have more detailed and more updated information than travel agencies. You will find more diverse and exciting options when you browse through these websites. Discounts, promos and special tour opportunities are also usually scored online. Online bookings are also faster to process since all it takes is a click to make everything final.

Look for ways to save on money:
Most ship line companies offer big discounts and price cuts to passengers who indicate that they will be traveling alone. This is because when you register as a lone passenger, you will be given the option to avail of a free roommate matching service. This feature will allow you to be paired with another individual who matches your demographics. Once this option is availed, at least 75% of your travel expense will be automatically slashed off. This is an easy way to save money on the trip and an excellent avenue to meet and spend time with a new friend.

Pick the theme and destination that will best suit you:
There are general voyages for singles and there also themed ones. If you want a more unique experience, you can go for a themed vacation. There are a wide range of theme options to choose from such as Hawaiian, Christian and Fitness. Themed voyage packages are much more exciting because they structure all the activities around the theme.

Get a holiday with the right age limit and number of passengers:
If you are going on a voyage designed for your requirements, it will be best for you to pick one that caters to an age range that you belong in. This will increase the chances of you finding a suitable match during the trip. It will also be helpful to join a trip that has many booked passengers so that you will meet as many unmarried people as you can.

Plan your itinerary:
Before you embark on a voyage, you have to decide whether you will take an onboard-only package or one that includes side trips when you dock in new places. This is needed in order to give you an idea of what to expect during the trip. If you are going alone, it might be best to go for an onboard-only cruise as you will get to spend more time meeting new friends.

However, if you are on a holiday with a group, it may be more enjoyable for you to get off the ship and into the dock for more exciting adventures.

Socialize and be open:
The whole point of going on one of these vacations is to meet people you have never met before in your life. Thus, if you remain a wallflower and shy away from other people, you will not enjoy your trip. It is very important for you to make new friends and approach people you see in the trip. These are people you will be spending days and nights with so you need to form a bond with them for you to be able to enjoy your voyage.



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