Here are some additional methods to help you when selling Android handsets when the iPhone is not available in your store:

1. Give them your support. With any new thing you’ll find that if you’re confident and you can communicate then you’ll be a great teacher. Teach your customers how to use their new phones, and provide them with backup support for if they have any questions. You are now their expert, so establish yourself as an authority early on and you’ll be able to lead your customer to making the best decision for their needs. Remember: act responsibly and get them the phone that suits them best.

2. Use the resources you have at your fingertips. Android information is everywhere. Become the expert on the software, and the hardware manufacturers. I suggest reading up on the android forums for updates and new releases. Something cute (and also a great buzz word) is that fact that Android publishes each of their new updates after some kind of pastry. Don’t ask me why, but it’s fun to throw around words like: Donut, cupcake, Flan and Gingerbread. This is a branding strategy that I’m sure has good purpose. It’s also something that will stick in your customers mind as unique.

3. Use the phone yourself. Most stores have access to demo units that will be available for you to use and experiment with. Get your hands on one and use the phone for a while so that you’ve got a good idea about what the phone can do and how to perform the most basic functions. Sending messages, setting up email and making calls from the phone book are some of the most popular features. You can then show them to customers and demonstrate how easily the phone can work for them now.

4. Make a personal recommendation. If you’ve done a good job at establishing yourself as an expert at your job, you’ve built some trust and respect then you will have great success (in any selling position) when recommending a handset choice for your customer. Do your homework, and discover as much about your customers needs and preferences before hand so that you can confidently and without a doubt recommend the phone and just lay it on the line. “Based on what we’ve discussed, THIS is the right handset for you today”.

I am sure there are many other great ways to sell more of the Android phone when other handsets are not available, but these are the main strategies I use. If you’ve got any further suggestions please let me know!