It has been revealed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe that this Autumn, the brand new slim PSP will be launched in European shops – before it reaches the Japanese market.

The PSP has gone on a diet and is sporting a svelte, slim new design. Sony’s upcoming release of their redesigned PSP features a thinner, more compact unit which makes the original look darned right chunky.

In addition to its trim figure, the PSP also has a new wardrobe with fabulous colors and skins. Star Wars geeks can get a Storm Trooper white PSP complete with Star Wars graphics.

As far as portable consoles go, the PSP Slim and Lite still rocks. It still has the 4.3-inch screen and all of the features you love but without the bulk or weight. The new PSP is roughly three millimeters shorter and five millimeters thinner than the original – just right for slipping in your pocket for gaming fun on the go.

The new version of Sony’s PSP features video-out functionality so that you can connect to a TV and play video games the old-fashioned way. This option may have you dreaming of big screen gaming but is a compromise at best. The PSP’s video output is rendered at 480 x272 resolution using progressive scanning. If you want to play video games on the telly, you’re better off sticking to the gaming consoles designed for the job like the Sony PlayStation 3 console or buy the Nintendo Wii.

PSP is what it is – a snazzy little portable gaming device. That it can now connect to televisions gives you another option when you’re on the road but don’t expect it to be a standalone console.

You can still do it all on the Sony PSP no matter if you are stuck with the chunky original or upgrade to the new design. Watch movies, listen to music, store photos, surf the net, and play your favorite games.